July 7, 2009

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Time: 7:00 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


  1. If this meeting == Organizational Meeting then agenda = this_agenda
  2. Insurance Report (Dave, Jason, Chris)
  3. Party Report (Erik)
    1. Legality of Alcohol at Events
    2. craig report on MAME status
  4. Officers
    1. Who is running
    2. (Hold Election?)
  5. Website Update
    1. hive13.org redirect to www.hive13.org?
    2. www.hive13.org been prettified for n00bs?
    3. conversation about migrating off groups.google.com
  6. Propaganda
    1. foxydot workin the networks?
    2. merch status
  7. Space Report
    1. fridge
    2. couches, etc
    3. date to work on soundproofing
  8. Funds
    1. dave report on pledge campaign for soundproofing
  9. Meetings on Other Weeknights
    1. Theme nights, classes, etc.


  • Paul
  • ChrisA
  • Vendy
  • Dave
  • Craig
  • Nathaniel
  • karen
  • deckmaster
  • starbuck
  • xio2
  • amanda
  • jason
  • kibitz


Waiver Liabilities

  • jason wrote on up
  • everyone sign!
  • dave has one on the wiki too
  • merge, review, get printed


  • Dave - i fail. I will call my dude tomorrow.
  • Jason sent message to hackerspaces.org list
    • didn't get a whole lot out of that
  • time is running on. need to get this done!


  • foxydot wants a date set asap
  • erik will start a wiki page on organizing the party
  • jason - don't try and wait for me because i'm crazy busy
  • craig - MAME is going well, craig will show anyone around who is interested
    • contest! - custom cabinet art


  • jason suggested language change on wiki
    • instead of duties = x y z, duties = representation/consensus builder on issues related to x y z
    • more like a referee than a judge/dictator
    • intent of the founders!
  • jason go for pres
  • craig go for CFO
  • dave go for Sec
  • erik go for COO
  • vendy and starbuck going for cto
  • we could technically hold a vote now
  • maybe we should mailing list it to give everyone proper notice
  • let's just make next week the big official election meeting and adopt the bylaws, etc.


  • Xio2 - made a simple inventory DB
  • tasks from last week are done
  • big hairy technical convo's outside this meeting
  • should be able to post things to front page
  • should be able to receive input
  • NYCresistor is a good example
  • wordpress is the way to go
  • integrate user account systems
  • slightly moderate public blog
  • google sites?
    • dump it
    • for now point www. to wiki
  • craig got a call for a good deal at speedspan for $50/month


  • chrisA: xaphan is doing up some shirts in time for defcon, also stickers
  • dave: i will continue to see what i can do also


  • we r awesome
  • craigslist is a goldmine of stuff
  • couches, fridges, are incoming
  • we need shelves real bad
  • we have plenty of CRTs
  • we can't elect our COO soon enough
  • soundproofing
    • it will be the 19th! (sunday)
    • we have the material coming
    • solicit volunteers
    • do we need anything like ladders, tools?
    • do some tarping, maybe painting on the 18th
  • we have the money too, (dave Mahen rules!)

Free Geek

  • anyone want to go ahead and do a Free Geek Cincinnati?
    • there is interest. Dave will work on this.

money stuff

  • vendy doesn't trust paypal
  • craig also set us up a mint.com account
  • jason: we should probably get a CPA
  • what do we need to track for tax purposes?
  • dave - i'll ask my mom who is a CPA

other theme nights

  • dave started a page on theme nights
  • jason: we should start figuring out classes too

Next Actions

  • get the liability form finalized, printed out
    • dave read it, jason print it out
  • dave will guy insurance guy
  • erik will work on the party on the wiki
  • elections and adoption of bylaws will be next week!
    • dave will edit officers section wording
  • dump google sites for WP or something
  • go ahead with speedspan colo
  • solicit bodies for 19th for soundproofing
  • dave will research free geek possibility
  • figure out what we need to do in terms of record keeping for taxes
  • research SSO between WordPress, MediaWiki, nabble, etc.