July 7, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Elections In Two Weeks
  • Makerfaire
  • Laser update

New Business

  • Open house around makerfaire
  • Fablab redesign
  • Non-foodsafe items
  • Five year plan meeting
  • Box building
  • Electricity
  • Welding class
  • CNC Electronics Replacement vote: $700
  • Detroit maker faire
  • Kirk's new welder
  • New Members


  • Brad Walsh - Mech E by trade
  • Gabe - Vacation, watched the spacex rocket blow up
  • Will - Been working on the power series racer
  • Andrew - Fab lab rearranging
  • Kirk - Weld shop manager dude, WebGL, just bought a new welder!
  • Mike - Cut out his baby food jar spice rack
  • Ryan - Put the inductive bed sensor on the gigabot
  • James - Finally finishing up his delta 3d printer, will be working on project brood
  • Franklin - Not much!
  • Greg - Nothing of use
  • Dave Lear - Kegged a beer!
  • Jon - Vacation, CNC
  • Daniel - Tried not to die in the hospital
  • Coy - Going to be using the CNC router!
  • Bill - Sold a ton of 3d printers in philly
  • Dustin - Scheduling the five year plan meeting, fab lab rearranging, etc.
  • Tom - Bought a VR headset, will be cutting a box
  • Hodapp - Burned things, wrote haskell code, and drank beer.
  • Nancy - Slept a lot, rode her motorcycle around.
  • Lorin - Very tired, lots of stuff, he's tired
  • Elly - on vacation, made clothes
  • Jim Shealy - Almost done being president, joining Dayton Diode soon, hopefully more collaboration. Playing with dyson hand vac motor
  • Mark - Was in the northside fourth of July parade, was at MOBO
  • Brent - Watched the northside parade, got a bunch of viruses
  • Marcus - Brought learn to solder boards for the next makerfaire, made a photo booth


  • Elections in two weeks
    • President - Ryan Hershey
    • Treasurer - Jim Dallam
    • CTO - No one
    • COO - Jon Neal and Daniel McNamera
    • Secretary - No one
    • Board of Directors - Daniel McNamara, Ryan Hershey, Jim Dallam, Lorin Parker
    • Nominations need to be in by July 14th, the election will start on the 21st.
    • Changes to bylaws need to be submitted in writing by July 14th as well
  • Makerfaire
    • We are registered, but we do not know if we are accepted yet.
  • Laser update
    • In North America (Canada) waiting to be loaded on to a railcar
  • Open house
    • Around makerfair (week after)
    • Saturday cleanups to make it look shiny
    • Need to think and plan now
  • Fablab redesign
    • Next wednesday there will be a fab lab rearranging day!
  • Non food safe items
    • There is an orange day glo rack near the meeting area. Use only things in these racks for non food safe stuff!
    • Don't use kitchen items!
    • Also a mini fridge under the electronics bench for non food safe refrigeration
  • Five year plan meeting
    • Brainstorming session
    • Talk about from the board meeting
    • Send out later on mailing list* Box building
    • We have yet to cut any boxes, we were busy fixing up the CNC
    • Will be finishing up boxes today
    • There will be another box building session in a few weeks
    • Lorin CNCed some drawers out if anyone wants to see a demo of what can be done
  • Electricity
    • Breakers tripping (we are outgrowing our current setup)
    • Upgrading some outlets, etc.
    • PLEASE help if you are experienced
  • Welding class
    • Saturday July 18th
    • Paid ($40)
    • MIG to start
    • Limited to 5 or 6
    • Public (posted on blog)
  • CNC Electronics Replacement vote: $700
    • Current electronics are Coy's
    • Original set bought will not work
  • Detroit makerfair
    • Power tool drag racing
    • Power series coming along. Saturday hopefully be working (come down to debug and crash)
    • Free tickets if you volunteer with groups going from the Hive, you work for 4 hours at least
  • New welder possibly coming to the hive - Kirk
    • Nice TIG welder, very heavy, don't touch it.
    • Possibly also bringing in a hypertherm plasma cutter. Only use with his permission.
  • New members
    • None here tonight