July 8, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Elections are approaching: July 29
  • Currently running:
    • President: none
    • Secretary: none
    • CFO: Jim
    • CTO: Ryan
    • COO: Jon
    • Board: Dave B, Dave M, Jim
  • Contemporary Art's Center light up the night
    • Another event occurring July 23rd (Weds)

New Business

  • Welding Table
  • Shapeoko
  • Make Faire
  • Big printer
  • Lathe tool posts
  • Bill is this month's 2nd tuesday speaker: 3D printers!


  • many people new and old!


  • Elections are approaching!
    • Jim Sheely--nominated for president. WILL HE ACCEPT?
    • Ian: also running for board
  • Contempary Arts Center stuff
    • event July 3rd was success
    • July 23rd will be a prototying/3D printing centered event.
    • Anyone volunteering needs to tell Jon rather than just show up.
      • Volunteers beyond 4-5 are not that helpful.
  • Shapeoko is in the corner
    • build night tomorrow night!
    • another build night next week!
    • looking for 2-3 people to really "take responsibility"
  • New business
    • welding table.
      • improve our welding capability and provide and ACTUAL FLAT SURFACE!
    • 1000 dollar budget for welding table?
    • some discussion of welding tables followed
    • this would be a mid-low range table
    • it will go in the dirty room
    • vote will hopefully happen next week (online vote this week)
  • Jim Dallam--2nd laser cutter for the hive?
    • Jon--there are 2 welding robots in columbus...
    • has anyone done research on laser cutters?
  • Bill--we imported one ourselves and saved some money.
    • redundancy and bigger work.
    • mike--redundancy is good when 1 is down for whatever reason.
  • Big printer
    • player2 stopped by but nobody was here...
    • 1 person was concerned about it being sold.
    • Offer: $1500.
    • if it doesnt get used, the ink dries up.
  • Jim S.
    • tool posts for the lathe? did it every happen?
    • it would be worthwhile to spend a little $ on it?
  • Ryan--maker faire!! lots of neat projects on display please.
  • Do we have a Hive13 safety program?
    • not really, but you can make one!