June 1, 2010

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Previous Meeting: May 25, 2010 Meeting Procedure Next Meeting: June 8, 2010


Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Status Updates / Old Business

  • First Meeting of the Month - Officer Reports
  • Dave - wave.hive13.org for remote meeting attendance
  • Dave - "year two"
    • Separating Meetings into Business Time and Informal Time
    • Reducing frequency of Official Meetings
    • lease
    • internet
    • board members and officers elections
    • membership fee
    • bylaw edits
  • Paul (& Jason?) - Chalkboards
  • Starbuck - Approve $130 in funds to reprint T-Shirts
    • 5 Large, 10 XL and 5 XXL for $135
  • Ed - Air Conditioner
  • Dave - 501c3
    • we have to file with the Ohio AG now

New Business

Items to be Voted on

Assigning Next Actions



  • Paul
  • Steve
  • Nate
  • Chris Hodapp
  • PlayerTwo
  • Craig
  • Dave
  • Jim
  • Thurman*
  • James
  • TP
  • fuzz
  • linville
  • terrence*
  • chris anderson
  • chris davis
  • rob melly

Quorum present (y/n): YES. 15 of 21 members present


Officer Reports

  • president
    • not much
    • had that blurb on ch. 9, awesome.
    • portayed us positively
    • got a short mention in cincinnati magazine this month too
    • the IRS has not called to confirm receipt of the form 1023
    • we should publish the rest of the form for others to see
    • craig would like an electronic copy of the form 1023 to be sent to google
    • there is form we have to fill out and send to the OHio AG, jason will fill it out
  • treasurer
    • craig would like an electronic copy of the form 1023 to do our taxes
    • we have one new member: rob melly
    • we have 21 members now
  • secretary
    • nothing to report
  • cto
    • nothing to report
    • we need to talk about the whole internet thing later
  • coo
    • not much
    • want to get those blackboards
    • got one more window open
    • need to get on the outside
    • air conditioning needs a bit of research and pricing, etc.


  • approve $135 to starbuck for shirts (vote) result: approved
  • we want to get a differnt range of sizes if possible


  • would we give Robot Morning a verbal comittment that we would sign up for a TW account if the Robot Morning company absorbs the "construction fee"
  • he's pretty much going to do it either way
  • jason gave him a verbal commitment
  • jim; maybe we can offer him some kind of write off
  • so this isn't really related to the lease


  • it's up at the end of this month
  • it is very likely that we would get the same terms
  • are we planning on moving any time soon? probably not
  • jason: there is this warehouse for sale literally a block away that might be nice to move into
    • is like $79,000; 2,500sqft., office, ac, garage door, very nice
    • our rent is like $1150 and is more than the mortgage would be on the other space
    • where would we get the money, we'd need to raise like $3000 just just to do a double mortgage
  • dave: what is the penalty for breaking the lease
    • craig: i think as long as you give like 3 months notice or something there might not be a penalty
  • do we have enough information provisionally go ahead with the lease
  • could we negotiate better terms for a longer lease?
    • get landlord to pay for things like AC, access to upstairs, stuff like that
  • jim: form an investigatory committee to figure this situation out
  • longworth hall has been mentioned as a possiblity
  • technically, we would need to give them 60 days notice before vacating, no penalty

annual meeting

  • yes, on the 6th
  • get you bylaws amendments ready
  • elections will be on that date

officers nominations

  • nominations would be due by june 29
  • jason would not be opposed to giving president to someone else
  • dont' forget that there are director and officers
  • craig would like to give up treasurer to someone else
  • chris anderson is fine with continuing or not
  • dave hasn't decided what positions to run for yet, will definitely run for something
  • james is possibly interested in something, not decided yet


  • we really need to just get ahold of this dude and get them here sometime
  • playertwo truck is available
  • james: suggestion: just rent a truck if all else fails
  • jason will work this out tomorrow with playertwo

dave conrad

  • this guy from uc is bugging paul for info, wants to get ahold of jason
  • there is a ME class that people could take this summer on manufaturing process - basically machine shop class
  • james: the machine shop at OCUS is really nice


  • playertwo: this is terrence
  • they work at zoo publishing - a game company
  • threre is a contest right now online
  • lots of prizes
  • contest ends july 31st
  • indiepubgames.com
  • you can prototype the game; it should be working enough to show the main idea
  • will have categories for pc, mobile, best art, etc
  • jason: i could hook you up with ars' gaming editor

galileo trophy

  • jim: please come check it out after the meeting
  • gathering feedback right now
  • trying to get it done before the party

the adafruit thing

  • craig will sign us up for this

free beer

  • drink lackerman's homebrew


  • $135 for tshirts: yes
  • lease for one year, same terms: no, not enough info yet
  • re-vote: all else fails, do we sign same exact lease for one year?: yes
  • annual meeting is july 6th: yes

Next Actions

  • Jason will look into filing our non-profit status with the Ohio AG
  • Jim will send Craig a copy of the electronic originals of our Form 1023 so that Craig can finish our taxes and also register with Google
  • Jason and Paul will coordinate getting the blackboards that were offered to us down to the space asap
  • someone (this wasn't assigned) will look into whether re-signing our same lease is the best idea or if we can negotiate better terms

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