June 15, 2010

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Status Updates / Old Business

  • Jason/Paul - Blackboards
  • Jason - Filing with Ohio AG
  • Jim/Craig - 501c3->Taxes,Google
  • birthday party date, planning, etc
  • Ed - cleanup, construction, general space make-over
  • Giant Robot Art

New Business

Items to be Voted on

Assigning Next Actions



Dave, Paul, Thurman*, Jim, chris anderson, chris* (new guy), jessie walker*, hodapp, starbuck, rob melly,

Quorum: no; 6 members here



  • new people, yay!
  • chris a: lockpick night is this friday
  • jessie walker; going to start a similar type of space in delaware, oh
  • discussion of the term "hacker", has it been a problem? not really
  • anup - helping jessie in delaware
  • chris - call me CG; want to be an inventor


ohio AG

501c3 electronic copy

  • jim, email officers the 501c3

birthday party

  • date: doodle.com shows that July 24th is the best
    • we'll go with this


  • thurman and dave did some straightening up
  • salvaged some components
  • now is the in-flow phase of the junk zone
  • we'll look into ebay, craiglist, etc
  • maybe playertwo has a connection

giant robot art

  • it is all down but not all out yet


  • starbuck talked to Ali about the shirts
  • going to go with a nicer type of shirt
  • the larges and extra larges will be heavier
  • no change in price
  • we'll paypal you the money
  • starbuck will be out of town for a while


  • rob melly: are going to to that?
  • should the group pay?
  • maybe start a pledgie

Larry: recycling wire

  • willing to take copper
  • put it in bins and larry will take it; like on a monthly basis
  • would probably be a source of $$


  • jim: i am the classes committee, join me
  • try to get a class every wednesday
  • eventbrite.com, official calendar, notifications

Next Actions

Remote Access