June 16, 2009

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Time: 7:00 PM

Space: Taza, map


  1. Paper Pushers
    1. Ohio Form 532
    2. Organizational Meeting
    3. Federal From 1023
    4. DBA Form for additional name "Hive13"
    5. Register with the Attorney Gen.
    6. Insurance
    7. Bank Account
  2. Meatspacers
    1. Is noise a deal-breaker for anyone?
    2. Lease - report results from 6/13 meeting
    3. Membership vote on The Anchor Building
  3. Propagandists
    1. Parties
      1. How are we planning on making this party profitable?
      2. Who would be invited?
    2. Logos
      1. matt, get this to be the wiki's logo: http://www.hive13.org/Home/h1v3-small.png
  4. Communications
    1. Who has passwords, what happens when those people flee to Mexico


  • Hodapp
  • Ello
  • ChrisA
  • Craig
  • DaveM
  • KarlWilbur
  • Kris
  • Paul
  • avishaan


Anchor Building

  • Keys/Locks
    • the building is probably going to go ahead and upgrade their doors to a keypad


  • we are incorporated!
  • we have a EIN
  • we have bank account
  • we have a paypal account
  • we can start accepting money!
  • we need to get some receipt papers so we can give physical receipts to people

extra equipment

  • what is our relationship with free geek
  • we are gonna have pretty much extra equipment probably
  • build a computer lab maybe?


  • attorney, accountant, insurance agent - we need them

The Space

How are we going to vote/approve the signing of the lease

  • set up a google form to accept votes
  • members of hive13.org

improvements that need to be made

  • soundproofing cost maybe $1000
    • we pay half so something like $500
  • locks
    • they will probably pay for the keypad lock on the outside door
    • we will have to figure out / pay for the inside door ourselves


  • we needs them
  • party: charge admission, get as much donated as possible
    • digital video booth
    • $10(?) Recommended Donation w/ a donation jar near the snacks.
    • Delegate different people to bring different things, Pop / Ice / Snacks / BYOB
  • sell merch
    • T-Shirts (Screen print our own w/ logos)
    • LED Throwables
  • pledge websites
  • Sell Soda

password regime

  • most things are delegable
  • need to look into get the nonprofit version of google apps for free

Next Actions

  • fill out federal form 1023
  • get some receipt papers from office max
  • hunt for professionals to help us: attorney, accountant, insurance agent
  • research delegability of passwords etc.
  • research fundraisers
  • think about exciting projects that could produce good publicity
  • think about the organizational meeting