June 2, 2009

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Time: 7:00 PM

Space: Taza (in the loft), map


  • I. Paper Pushers
    • A. are we incorporated now?
    • B. can we get a bank account so we can collect $?
    • C. Elect a treasurer or finance committee?
  • II. Meatspacers
    • A. KOIPound
    • B. Any other places visited?
    • C. Organized filed trips?
  • III. Scroungers / Scavengers
  • IV. Tool/Skillmongers Report
    • Decide how to list currently working on projects. Whos is running them and how to get involved.
  • V. Propagandists
    • Got logos?
  • IV. Communications Team
    • A. we have some domains, courtesy Craig
    • B. what tools do we want to use for self hosting? mailman?, MediaWiki? etc...
    • C. is anyone using efnet.org?
    • D. our number of sites is growing pretty quickly. may comms team needs to have its own sub-meeeting?
    • E. Alternate ways to meet remotely, DimDim, VoIP, etc.
    • F. Public vs. Private infrastructure
  • IIV. Tuesday Pattern
    • A. meeting regularity
    • B. auxiliary meetings
    • C. Modifying the Public Hive13 Events calendar (tweet updates)
  • IIIV. Services
    • List services (current and possible future)
    • Determine which should be public and which to be private (members only)
    • Ex: IRC #hive13 (public) internal silc server for projects (members only), Mailing list (public) Code Repository (private), etc.


  • DaveM
  • ChrisA
  • PaulV
  • Craig
  • John
  • Nauseaboy
  • Mike
  • avishaan
  • remy
  • addison
  • JasonBailey
  • matt


Chit-Chat (as people are showing up)

  • John's employer may have some leads on some spaces
  • to what extent do we really need a space to be doing cool stuff
  • once we have a bank account we might be able to establish what our financial situation is, how much money are we gonna have, should we collect 3 months rent in advance
  • chrisA talking about some people he met at a con that kinda did this thing where they started out just going garage to garage
  • khac is not a bad place; I (dave) went to the screenprinting thing and the people were cool
  • talking about profile pages / project pages
  • dimdim
  • craig talking about GSites, user limits
  • http://webmeeting.dimdim.com/portal/JoinForm.action?meetingRoomName=hive13

Legal Entity

  • JasonBailey: we are not a legal entity since we need a board of directors at least two people
  • how are we going to choose a board. presumably some form of election
  • jason reviewing 501c3 vs. 501c7...
  • chrisA; we can always file for whatever later if we become "charitable", but it would be nice to have that legal status ASAP.
  • collecting money. who do we give it to, etc, etc.
  • dave: boilerplate bylaws? addison: there are some on hackerspaces.org


  • willing to be on the board: chris, dave, jason, mike, craig, matt, maybe more...
  • post online and let people nominate selves, use moderator to vote on people
  • take top N vote-getters. we need 3 legally.
  • addison: we should go for 4 at least so in case someone drops off
  • people on the board can sign checks

Space Hunting

  • should we have some organized field trips
  • how about having a group craigslist trolling sessions?
  • anyone have garages they are willing to let people hang out in
  • probably need at least 1000-15000 sq ft
  • definitely need some tiered membership probably
  • don't want to end up with only 3 people paying all the $$$
  • key-holders vs. non-key-holders
  • be wary of creating onerous requirements like having to contribute charitable time to maintain 501c3 status or stuff like that
  • different people will be needing different space requirements
  • we can make the space work whatever it is
  • jason: buying is not a smart idea
  • matt: having some back up $ if people drop out or lose job
  • jason: as a non-profit we have to get $ from membership dues

KOI Pound

  • good to be in contact with them, learn from them; how did they find their space, how are they organized?
  • don't want to be contingent on their success though; want to be independent
  • it might be a place to hang out sometimes and get stuff done.

Sub-groups coordination

  • Gsites has groups like meatspacers@hive13.org
  • use sites to make sub- mailing-lists
  • so "work groups" can get stuff done independently
  • what groups should be a sub-group: meatspacers, comms, propagandists?


  • anybody made logos... we haven't seen any yet.
  • hive theme is convenient


  • IRC is useful. chat.freenode.net #hive13
  • jason: cgi-irc on the website?
  • dimdim: need to explore more
  • jason/nausea can set up an 800 number for the next meeting
  • wiki: most people like MediaWiki, let's get that set up wiki.hive13.org
  • public vs. private tabled: let's talk about it some more on irc
  • craig: twitter stuff... would like to get more use out of that...
    • jason: announce ourselves on a follow friday


  • regularity. people seem ok with the every week on tuesday thing.
  • addison: maybe there should a primary meeting per month. like first one of the month.
  • jason: yeah, let's do that. first meeting of the month is the more primary meeting
  • craig: there is nifty calendaring stuff on GApps

Social Meetup

  • we should have a happy hour


  • we should have a maker congress / social thingy
  • koiburners, league of artisans, bunk, etc.

Anything else? / New guys

  • pvince: into programming. got an arduino
  • avishaan: more of a builder
  • lock picking stuff.... maybe we could have a class
  • remy: down for whatever

Next Actions

  • do election stuff online: let people nominate themselves, vote
  • set up some sub-groups on the Gsites: meatspacers,
  • figure out the voice conferencing for next week
  • mediawiki set up in progress as we speak...
  • happy hour!
  • become friends with other makers/hackers/artists/etc
  • craig will also set up a picasa album for logo

Due Dates

  • we didn't really talk about this, but let's attempt to put some times on this stuff
  • addison: let's get the legal stuff done in two weeks. Dave: i agree. asap!