June 23, 2009

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Time: 7:00 PM

Space: Taza, map


  1. Paper Pushers
    1. Scheduling the Organizational Meeting
    2. Is the lease signed yet?
    3. Seeking Professional Help (accountant, attorney, insurance agent)
  2. Money
    1. Financial Report (Do we have money? How much?)
    2. Fundraisers
    3. Receipts (Craig purchased a pack of receipts and will hand them out to the board)
    4. Party planning
      1. Pick a date
      2. Find contributions of snacks, drinks, music, everything
      3. Charge admission?
  3. Communications
    1. Password delegation report
  4. Projects Report
    1. Digital Photo Booth
  5. New Positions
    1. Junk Master (We need somebody to manage donations)


  • Hodapp
  • Karl Wilbur
  • ChrisA
  • Chrisha
  • Paul
  • jasonB
  • Craig
  • Dave
  • erik
  • Nate
  • Kris
  • matt


We signed a lease

  • (we owe money!)
  • rent=900,utils=250
  • noise curfew until soundproofing is done 930pm
  • noise freedom time: 12-5pm on saturday
  • we will get 4 keys at first, probably can get in there for our tuesday meeting next week


  • we are required to have insurance by the lease
  • I (dave) am working with a guy, but he is slow; i'm open to finding new options
  • karl: was on allstate - it sucks; switched to state farm - they were nice
  • i guess we should just go to some websites and shop around


  • 7 of 12 full members are all paid up - please everyone pay!
  • next thing: raise money to pay for the soundproofing

organizational meeting

  • gotta finish the bylaws
  • schedule the meeting


  • selling drinks - pre-req: fridge
    • we might have some leads on a fridge (karl, jason)
  • donation jar
  • classes
    • craig: maybe members get classes free?
    • jason: we should incentivize people to teach by always charging something
    • craig: we should record the classes too, maybe members only video-archive
  • quick presos
    • record on video
    • five minutes of fame (noisebridge has this)
    • critiques (like erik was talking about)
  • poker night?
  • amazon affiliate code

Junk master

  • maybe need someone to


  • break it down by section
  • post to the mailing list, maybe to google moderator
  • officers: building manager, it manager


  • finally got it working properly now
  • craig has a lead on speedspan if we want to move to that eventually


  • we don't have the $ right now, but yes hopefully we can afford that asap


  • tell who is who
  • tell who is a founding member (thus awesome)

"girls" nights

  • have some girl/craft oriented events
  • chris: widows and orphans night
  • the group that meets the khac would be this type of group

party planning

  • chris: i vote for the 25th
    • everyone: that could work
    • eighty can probably come that day
  • ways to make money
    • charge admission
    • charge for a cup
    • get donations
    • raffle / door prizes
    • mystery box lol
    • silent auction of donated stuff
  • need a PR person/group
  • photo booth?
    • borrow kris'? has has some stuff we can use - sweet!
    • flickr magic
    • projector
  • need a Party Master to be in charge of this thing
  • kris even has a vending machine we could use!

PR team

  • get someone to invite people to our stuff/party
    • chris and do this, dave can do this


  • we gotta get some tshirts and stickers and stuff
  • defcon is in sept?
  • how do you get tshirt blanks? american apparel?
  • kris has screenprinting stuff he can donate
  • google moderator poll - what merch you want?

moving day(s)

  • who needs a truck and some help
    • karl - stuff up in franklin, oh - must be done on the 30th
    • kris i can stick a few things in my space for a couple days if people need
    • nate can donate truckage
    • sunday might be a good day to do some stuff
    • chris has some tables that also require truckage to move

building management

  • no to too many couches
  • how are we gonna keep stuff? bins, lockers?
  • we might be able to get some lockers from somewhere
  • plan a trip to medelson's
  • dave: i plan on buying a locker if we don't get any from somewhere else

Next Actions

  • party planner - do it on the mailing list - chris start the thread
  • get keys - craig email grant - someone get them before tuesday night
  • get money from people that haven't paid yet - craig
  • insurance research - dave
  • raise money for soundproofing - all - mailing list it
  • merch research - chris
  • bylaws - dave - mailing list it
  • schedule the organizational meeting - dave -
  • pr team - press releases, diplomacy - chris, dave
  • moving day coordination - karl, kris, chris, nate
  • mendelson's in dayton trip - jason
  • soundproofing day - we need man power - mailing list it - dave