June 24, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Space stuff
    • roofing
    • fab lab rearrangement
    • laser cutter down (should we get another laser? :)
  • Progoanda
    • where should we distrubute brochures?

New Business

  • New 3D printer!


  • Mike
  • Sean--shelves
  • Nancy
  • Dave M--wokred on beam robot
  • Andrew--not yet a member--volunteering at CAC
  • Hutch--m--taking care of parents
  • Dave (m)
  • Julian
  • Ben--new member! rooted phone, brought shop rags.
    • also brought some wood to replace shoe rack
  • Chris George--mech engineer--new hear! intersted in turnign printers int rapid prototyper
  • Brent (m)--opened safe
  • Jon--discovered broken laser cutter and fixed it
  • Jim--upgraded Gigabot
  • Savannah--not a member yet--drew for class
  • Ryan--been out of time. Acting CTO right now
    • this weekend in prep for CAC--coming friday and saturday evening.
  • Tiffany--working on nursery, growing baby, learnign sketchup a little


  • space stuff--Jon
    • roof stuff is moving forward...has not leaked in a few rainfalls
    • fab lab rearrangement. It looks much better.
    • Laser cutter!
      • power supply fried, Jon patched it.
      • this fix might not last forever, we will probably need a new power supply soon...
      • we have money to buy equipment, perhaps we should buy a nicer laser cutter?
      • some discussion followed...
      • bigger cutter from same company?
      • Nancy--CURVED SURFACE laser cutter?
        • there is a curvy attachment possible for our current laser cutter.
      • 2 laser cutters would be nice! Bigger one for bigger projects?
      • very rough estimate: ~$4500.

  • Brochures Distribution--where do we want to take brochures to advertise?
    • some brainstorming happened.
    • microcenter?
    • workplaces?
    • hardware stores?
    • radio shack?
    • science fiction conventions?
    • steampunk salon?
    • Science teachers at high schools/colleges?
    • At this point--if you think your workplace/hangout spot/school etc is a good place for pamphlets, TAKE SOME!

  • New 3D printer!
    • Bill has brought a Polar3D to the Hive
    • Beta model very similar to production model...aluminum rather than steel
    • software is setup on the laser cutter computer
    • you can either use Repetier or the Polar3D software.
    • Mike has the configuration as well, and can help you get setup.
    • Be careful when trying to use it--someone left the heater on,big glob of baked filament in extruder.
    • serial number 13 (perfect)

  • Gigabot is also working--Thanks Jim Sheely and everyone who worked on it!!

  • Contemporay Art center CAC--light up the night July 3rd (a thursday)
    • we need LED projects/art projects/etc.
    • ryan wants to do an event this weekend
    • CAC would also they would like some hands-on projects.
    • CAC will cover $300 for supplies
    • Discussion and brainstorming...
    • sticky LEDS..throwies?
    • Starbuck's Seed of Life is here. not sure if it will happen.
    • 50 to 60 people expected?
    • Dave--drawDO. circuit on a pencil?
  • CAC discussion continued after the meeting

  • Other new business

  • Chris (new visitor!)
    • Ideas for a rapid prototyper based on inkjet printers
    • would like to do it for under $250 in parts and 400hrs in time.
    • rapid prototyping with baked-in wiring?
    • does anyone have experience/words of advice?

  • RYan
    • Flies
      • we have them.
    • keep sink area clean
    • no food left around

Secretary's tumblr pick of the week: http://runningahackerspace.tumblr.com/post/49787803057/every-member-upon-discovering-the-3d-printer