June 28, 2016

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



  • Leave work surfaces clear!
  • New Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am until further notice.
  • Liability waiver legibility.
  • Swear at the wardens.
  • Have you checked the wishlist?
  • Shutdown Procedure - Go win the door prize.

Old business

  • Flammables Cabinet
  • Shell Server
  • Lathe Update
  • Laser update - The laser needs to get some head.
  • Library Events
  • Elections coming. Annual meeting will be July 26.
  • Wood storage is getting cleaned out again at end of June
  • PTDR in Detroit in July


Old Business

  • Usual housekeeping
  • Flammables cabinet
    • Ryan found a few at Mendelson's. We will likely be getting one from them soon.
  • CTO Update
    • New wireless access point is up! hivenet has been renamed to hive13guest
    • Everything has been moved off of shell at this point. Next week it will be getting shut down for good. Last chance if you have anything on there!
  • Lathe update
    • It got moved in to the dirty room.
    • Feet on their way, will have to wait until they come in to get the lathe off of the pallet.
  • Laser update
    • Fire damaged the lens on the big laser. We likely have an extra, but we should order some extras.
  • Library events
    • Kitchen science themed events at local libraries. Talk to Mike if you want to help volunteer.
    • None until July 9th!
    • People want to put the extra money from these events into a pot for outreach events rather than in to the general fund.
  • Elections are coming
    • The annual meeting will be on July 26th.
    • Email will be going out very soon. Post there if you want to run for any board or officer positions.
  • Wood storage getting cleaned out
    • If you haven't actively used your storage in 3+ months please remove what you are storing.
  • PTDR
    • We are committed to Detroit Makerfaire at the end of July.

New Business

  • Hive13 "scavenger hunt"
    • Jim Shealy is moving to the UK and dropped off a bunch of electronic goods, some jewellery making equipment, etc. Dig through it and find anything you want!
  • Cincinnati Makerfaire
    • Just announced! October 8th and 9th
    • It is being held in the giant, open, muddy field called Hamilton County Fairgrounds.
  • Harbor Freight 4th of July sale is coming up! 20% off everything for the next few days.


  • Ryan
    • Further making of sparks (still working on TV stand).
    • Helped move the lathe. The metal room door now swings the other way.
    • Reattached the air compressor handle. Broke the fablab with wind.
  • Ian B - He did the things he already talked about?? (new access point, server stuff)
  • Rich - Moved to Arizona for a while and just moved back!
  • Greg
    • Finally got Internet access in the new apartment.
    • Ordered 20TB worth of hard disk for new server.
    • Made trip to Ikea, still has money, going back tomorrow to remedy that. (They were out of the desired desk.)
  • Franklin - Went on vacation to DC and visited family in Connecticut.
  • Anthony - New to the area, from Tennessee. Went with Matt Malorik to Paxton Lumber to get some wood to work on!
  • Mike - Worked on some lab stuff, 3d printed a skyrim helmet.
  • Kyle - Wants to help out around here, has been helping with library events.
  • Dustin - Busy with school and life.
  • Elly - Trying to get the wood shop cleared up. Currently apartment hunting.
  • Ken - Helped with a learn to solder event this last week. Had a good time!
  • Chris - Mostly homework, working with polar3d.
  • Sam - Busy with his new job (yay promotions!), working on his show, looking for a new place, lots of stuff!
  • John (Bludwulf) - helped tear apart the horizontal metal bandsaw.
  • Steve - Not a whole lot in the last week!
  • Nancy - Missed the last meeting, spent some time watching cars race.
  • Dave L - Been out of town working on cars and trucks.
  • John (new) - went skydiving this weekend.
  • Brad - Helped move the lathe.
  • Josh - didn't here what he said
  • Chris - looking to become a member
  • Coy - Sick
  • James W - Looking to become a member, interested in everything! Heard about us through Kevin.
  • Anna - New, graphic designer, interested in a lot of thing. Has been designing tabletop games lately and wants to try 3d modelling.
  • Jon - Just got back from Chicago. Visited pumping station one which was kinda weird. They have some clones of people at our space, very bizarre.