June 30, 2009

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Time: 7:00 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


  1. Paper Pushers
    1. Insurance Report
    2. Age limits of members?
    3. Bylaws
      1. Let's lock in the Officers section
    4. Proposal: hold Organizational Meeting on 07/07/2009
  2. Money
    1. Party planning
      1. Pick Party Planning Czar
      2. Find volunteers for various Party Planning Submission Positions
        1. Exhibit Czar
        2. Raffle Czar
        3. Food Czar
        4. Auction Czar
        5. Others?
    2. Everyone Paid? (did we pay our rent?)
    3. Work Party (soundproofing)
      1. We need to raise $
      2. We need to commit some bodies to a date
  3. Communications
    1. edit front page of www.hive13.org to make most important things more prominent
  4. Propaganda
    1. Merch report (anyone research tshirts, bumber stickeres?)
    2. begin advertising party to outside people?
  5. Projects Report
  6. New Positions
    1. Junk Master (We need somebody to manage donations)
    2. Party Planning Czar (PR Czar?)




  • dave: my guy is slow
  • jason: we should email the global hackerspace mailing list
  • chrisA: i'll ask this guy I know (sam)

age limits of members

  • members must be 18 and up
  • anyone else must be attached to a member
  • foxydot: consider alcohol. we don't want to give alcohol to underage. very important!
  • consider some sort of tickets/tokens system
  • find a lawyer / find relevant law; erik will look into it


  • officers - let's lock that in.
  • other sections are malleable
  • let's lock it in soon so we can do the organizational meeting
  • who wants to run for what positions - craig will mailing list it

Scheduleing upcoming thingies

  • schedule the organizational meeting
  • schedule a trip to medelson's

the party

  • date:
    • we need money end of month
    • 25th? still not sure
  • possible multiple parties / regular event
  • foxydot is willing to coordinate propaganda
    • write up some PR wording, etc.
  • get us written up in papers, ars technica
  • maybe prep stuff for a month to make it impressive, then have the real big party
  • how you make a profit?
    • charge for admission?
    • charge for cups
    • raffle
      • MAME cabinet is well underway
    • silent auction
    • presentations? lightning talks?
    • salty snacks are free
  • VOTE: most are in favor of postpone party and just pony up the $ for the space
  • let's have a smaller Beta party on the 25th "the mixer"


  • gonna happen between july 10 and aug 15
  • we need money and bodies for that
  • maybe we can take pledges/collections online before the party
    • 20 x $20 = $400


  • karl has a lead on one
  • nauseaboy has one
  • we need to ninja those into the space asap
  • ncurde has a truck
  • can we use Kris' dollies?


  • clean up the www. page
    • put nice info on there for n00bs
    • mike will do it
  • google group
    • mailman?
    • phpBB?
    • nabble?
  • let's live with what we have until we have a CTO
    • let's start a thread on the list


  • tshirts
    • dharma trading company
    • dave started a page on the wiki for this
  • wire & twine
  • end of july is defcon, gotta have shirts!
  • we haz a bunch screenprinting gear, so we can make our own
  • stickers! xaphan likes contagious graphics

access to the space

  • craig has 4 keys
    • dave, craig, jason, chris will get keys until we have a l33t lock
  • locksmith is coming on friday
    • we will give out the outer-door keycode when we know it



  • craig: MAME cabinet(s) is well underway (thanks to Kris!)
    • we can probably raffle off the "smaller" one
    • we can get a good set of roms legally (we can get an awesome rom collection of questionable legality)

Next Actions

  • dave keep on talking to my insurance guy
  • jason email global hackerspace list about insurance
  • chris email his ninja dude about insurance
  • erik research legality of alcohol at events
  • craig email list about who wants to run for what offices
  • craig will work on the www. redirect
  • erik is the party/mixer/potluck czar
  • foxydot will begin work on PR
  • craig will keep on working on MAME
  • nate/nauseaboy/karl will work on getting some fridges
  • mike will edit www. so it's nice for n00bs
  • dave will set up pledge website for soundproofing
  • karl start a thread to talk about mailing lists
  • craig will email grant about when soundproofing day is
  • dave will kick off a thread on merch/tshirts/screenprinting