June 30, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Elections In Three Weeks
  • Power Tool Drag Racing Update
  • Power Series Racing Update

New Business

  • Kitchen
  • Cincinnati Makerfaire
  • Electronics Area Update
  • Contemporary Art's Center July 29th
  • CNC Electronics Replacement


  • Jim D - working on float for the Anderson Township 4th of July parade
  • Kevin - working on powerseries and other racing related activities
  • Ryan - welding, no hive stuff
  • Tom - working on laser cuts
  • Franklin - checking up on PTDR
  • Coy - back from coaching, will be around more!
  • Hodapp - working on foundry, make a flamethrower
  • Dan - working on cigar box guitar, wento Vancouver makerfaire
  • Jason - helping people move, working on foundry
  • Brandon - working on matrices and mazdas
  • Julien - finished Shapeoko work
  • Dustin - intern, doing intern stuff. helping with organizing electronics
  • Brad - looking for job, working on staff handbook and registration system for upcoming convention
  • Nancy - went to mid-ohio, saw antique cars racing around a track
  • Holly - interested in space and projects
  • Evan - interested in space, joining today
  • Andrew - researched how to print laserpistol from Fallout
  • Dark Ian - working, life, no hacking. :[
  • Loren - wants to change his title due to sorting through old Hive things. cleaning out house
  • James - cleaned garage, finishing projects
  • Beth - working on house projects and needs help with an RV project!
  • Brent - ham radio stuff, bouncing signals off satellites
  • Kirk - worked on shelving for welding area, webgl projects


  • PTDR Update
    • Detroit Makerfaire on July 25th, 26th. Already have six assistants.
    • September Makerfaire in Cincinnati
    • Later September Makerfaire in Louisville
    • Welcome to build own racer, won't get free admission
    • T-Shirts, Cameras, and new racer tracking system
    • Anyone that needs a hotel talk to Ian W or Jim D
  • Power Series Racer Update
    • Transmission, motor, and steering linkage are being worked on
    • Need a power wheels body to throw on the frame! Barbie Corvette preferred
  • Kitchen
    • Do your dishes.
    • Keep track of what's in the fridge. Otherwise it will get consumed or throw away.
    • Pudding Popsicles in freezer. Eat them!
  • Cincinnati Makerfaire
    • August 29th, we are registered for this year again
    • Same deal as last year, please talk to Ryan if you want your project to be featured
  • Electronics Area Update
    • Loren has completely organized the space! Do not use shelf space above area for now.
    • Please keep organized!
    • Cabinets cut for electronics area organizer.
  • Contemporary Art's Center Event July 29th
    • Noise based event, talk to Dan for info!
    • Bring your sound based projects.
  • CNC Electronics Vote
    • CNC electronics are underpowered and need to be replaced
    • We will need to pick out what parts to replace the current parts with and come up with a number to vote on
    • If you're able to help, talk to Coy and Ryan