June 4, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

New Business


  • Jim
  • Koi Pelts
  • Jon Neal
  • Ryan
  • Ryan - New Member, Wants to help w/ the 3d printer
  • Jordan - Had is frisbee working, broke it
  • Nancy - Mid-Ohio race track
  • Jim - From Buffalo (Guest), digital printing, screen printing, computer automated routing, found us online
  • Paul - Setup a mesh network
  • Chris Hodapp - Haskell
  • Brandon (Shadoxx) -Killed his power steering
  • Matt - Guest, radio control cards, tried to resurect old nicad batteries
  • Jim - Back from vacation from China
  • Dave - New Member, bottling his beer


  • Ms. Pacman was just in 'Test Mode', there is a switch in the coin drawer which flips the mode.
  • HiveIT occurance, none of the authoritive parties are at the meeting
  • Space Balloon has a source of helium, but it is going to be ~$230
  • MakerFaire
    • Got a $6000 grant from Haile Foundation, insurance, rent park & space
    • Sat Oct 19th, Noon-> 10PM
    • Jason Langdon is the organizer
    • We are looking for makers and volunteers
    • Hoping to launch the space balloon during the mini-maker faire
    • Bill Signed up a single booth for 3D printers