June 8, 2021

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Time and Place

Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Hybrid

To join the video meeting, click this link: https://meet.google.com/kmo-jxzu-auc
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 513-760-6776 and enter this PIN: 863 676 973#
To view more phone numbers, click this link: https://tel.meet/kmo-jxzu-auc?hs=5

Weekly Meeting Agenda


  • Read below for yourself
  • Basically if you have been vaccinated you don't have to wear a mask. (But you certainly can if you want.)
    • Respect Science, Respect Nature and Respect Each Other.
    • Mask wearing is no longer required for Fully Vaccinated people who have no symptoms of communicable diseases per CDC and ODH guidelines.
    • Hive13 supports your choice to wear a Mask at any time for any reason.
    • Masks are part of the new Normal.
    • Wearing a Mask makes sense due to pathogens, dust, and stuff in the air.
    • Wearing a Mask is a Reasonable Accommodation to protect others if they are at risk.
      • Stay away from Hive13 if you feel ill or have a fever. It does not matter if it's COVID or something else. Please keep it at home.
      • Wear a mask if you are not vaccinated or if you need to wear a mask for your own protection.
      • Sign in at the front inner entrance
      • Maintain respectful social distancing
      • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.
      • Please keep in mind – We are ALL responsible for the cleanliness of Hive13. Please dust, sweep up, take out the trash, and sanitize areas you have used before leaving.
    • Hive13 will not check your vaccination status for COVID, Influenza, Measles, Chicken Pox…

Welcome Guests!

  • About us
  • Introductions
  • What kind of things are you interested in doing/making?
  • How did you hear about us?

Upcoming Events

  • Finish The Hive13 Woodworking Dust Collection System Day
    • Saturday, June 12, Noon to 4 PM
  • Even more stuff to do. Yet to be determined.
  • Pizza will again be provided.

New Members & Certifications

  • Metal Lathe & Mini Mill
    • Doug S
    • Kenny M
    • Dave B - "recertified"
  • Laser
    • Rigby
      • Not really - he's 4

Frisbee Round

  • Slack Thread


  • A near miss.
  • Do not poke the meat slicer. It is sharp

Recent Improvements

  • THANK YOU to everyone that helped out with the return of Hive Cleanups. You folks are amazing.
    • Multiple areas got much improved organization. Crafts & misc. AV and computer related stuff behind 3D printer.
    • Many people worked their tails off.
    • Double thank you to those that helped feed the troops!
  • New and improved stuff
    • 4 new stools
    • Repairs done to existing stools
    • New cordless drill driver set


  • Member storage areas
    • Member storage areas assigned
    • Problem of stuff extending into other areas
  • Vertical Storage
    • Efforts to make it work better
  • Dungeon
    • Trying to rein in the chaos


  • Parker brought in a set of panels from the new FC stadium bathroom that never saw use
    • Free to use for anyone with preference that they be used for Hive improvement
  • 2 new sets of polishing materials on the jewelry bench

Frisbee Round

  • Anything anyone wants to share that wasn't in the Slack thread



  • Scott S, Ralph B, Lisa C, Dave S, Kayla L, Dave S, Kevin M, Rigby M, John C, Ann H, Scott H, Dave V, Brad W, Jim D, Jeremy Y, Chris D, Chris H, Scott S,
  • Please be aware of safety in the space.
    • If you have steel toe boots, those are always a good idea to wear in the space
      • If you have steel toe boot recommendations, send them John C's way
  • It may be unclear to new members that they need to request a member storage spot and not just grab one.
    • Those giving tours, please mention this. Thanks!
  • If you're storing stuff in the dungeon, please move it. There has been a lot of effort to get that space cleared, and it's hard to do with large obstacles
  • Dave B won a science class auction and is being super generous
    • 29 inch height lab tables, lab stools, tons of lab glass, counter.
      • Feel free to meet up with Dave tomorrow morning (6/9) to help dismantle
  • Finance update
    • Very good May
    • Numbers are up on open finance site