June 9, 2009

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Time: 7:00 PM

Space: Taza (in the loft), map


  1. Status Reports
    1. Paper Pushers
      1. Board of Directors
      2. Mission Statement
      3. Bylaws
      4. Membership Dues? (Membership Proposal I)
    2. Meatspacers
      1. Places visited this week
      2. Organize a space-hunting-a-thon
    3. Communications
      1. Sub-group mailing lists
      2. Submitting art to wiki
  2. Social Events Planning
    1. Hacky Happy Hour
    2. Cincinnati Area Maker/Hacker Congress


  • ChrisA
  • Craig
  • DaveM
  • hodapp
  • kris
  • avishaan
  • matt
  • jasonB


Jason Has Paperwork

  • 2 forms for the state, 2 for the federal
  • the state forms are somewhat easier to fill out
    • they do not care what type of non-profit we are, just if we are for- or non-
  • we are going to fill some of it out!
  • we are thinking: let's just bite the bullet and be a 501(c)3

the ohio form 532

  • jason will fill out form officially and print it out, then we have to sign it
  • name (must be unique)(pick something generic): "CinciTec, Inc."
  • purpose(s):
    • (this must be in there is we want to be a 501c3): "Said corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code."
    • (specific purpose may not be strictly necessary): "To foster, by all legal means, the common purposes of its participants."
    • (Jason will post exact wording later).
  • initial 3 directors: dave menninger, craig smith, (after a coin flip:) chris anderson
  • statutory agent (has to be someone with a real address)(can be changed later): jason bailey
  • bring $125 and a pen to sign the paperwork next week!

a name change form

  • we will sign up for an additional name: "the hive13"

form 8717 wtf?

  • not sure of what this one is or if we need to do it

form 1023 (to become 501c3)

  • this one could be complicated, we should do this one another day probably

have to file a schedule D

  • section 509a supporting organization
  • no one will be compenstated for being on the board!
  • ... we're stopping with the paperwork here. let's do other stuff

(It's acoustic night here at Taza)

  • we moved outside

Discuss Membership fees/tiers

  • it's been talked about on irc a lot. tabling this item

the Anchor Building

  • is full of win
  • rent=1150, space=3500sqft. that is a good deal
  • has a upstairs neighbor, thus have to be careful about noise
  • potential to even expand up to a room above the space
  • all utilities "included"
    • we "might" end up getting our own elec meter
    • we probably do want to get our own internet
  • kris has been there for 2 years, loves it
    • there was talk of him having his own elec meter, but it never ended up happening
  • noise, it is not something to take lightly
    • there will almost definitely be some kind of noise curfew
    • talking about having a noise-o-meter
    • we should also negotiate a anti-curfew, like times when there are not limits on noise
  • kris mentioning that we also don't want to piss them off by hogging all the parking too
  • kris: put it in the lease that it's a trial period at the beginning
    • everyone: that's a good idea!

let's assume we want to do this, can we afford it?

  • let's look at the costs
    • rent, elec, internet
    • liability insurance???
      • we do need it. definitely. but how much does it cost?
    • renter's insurance (property)
      • I think renter's insurance is ussually pretty cheap, at least for an apartment it is dirt cheap... -- Paul
      • probably need that too, not sure
  • what kind of membership dues are we looking at
    • $100?
    • $35 for students?
  • most people here feel comfortable with the $100 point
  • this is segueing into the membership tiers conversation...

Membership (tiers, etc)

  • should the cheaper price really be for only students?
  • maybe $100 members vote on issues (i.e. they are the "b" board)
  • allow certain non-students members to pay cheaper price by vote of the board
  • if you're a $35 you have to to dirty jobs?
  • craig: cheap members should still have votes, maybe not keys, etc.
  • chris: yes i think they should get votes too
  • jason: who is going to enforce that
  • dave: it's always possible to vote douchy peple back out again if they are not contributing
  • dave: some groups require all new members to be invited by current member
  • avishaan: or maybe there is provisional membership
  • jason: how to approve the low-tier members?
    • student-ID OR vote of the group/board?
  • ok, so how many people do we think we have? 10-15 $100 people?
  • jason: voting on financial planning should not be nitpicky / too frequent
    • we should always be improving value of the space
    • having extra money is not a bad thing
  • jason: have a set time, like 120 days, and re-evaluate dues
    • not base it on membership amount or something, make it a pre-set time
  • we need to come up with a application form
  • we might want to set up special types of relationships with the other business in the building like kris
    • help them with their computers, etc. build "community"

Comms stuff

  • craig set up sub-mailing lists. everyone is pretty much already up on that
  • same goes for art on the wiki


  • let's talk about those things on the mailing list and IRC
  • let's do this soon like this week
  • kris has a place that might work for the party, or possibly even his house

fundraising / pledges / how soon can this happen?

  • jason is possibly prepared to write a check asap,
  • let's see if we can take pledges/whatever via the mailing list

Next Actions

  • sign and send in paperwork, write check, try to do this before next week
  • call out anyone for whom a noise curfew is a deal-breaker
  • figure out the insurance stuff, find an actual insurance agent
  • start planning some party / social event