Kitchen Committee Meeting - March 19th, 2022

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Kitchen Committee Meetings
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Meeting Info

Saturday, March 19th, 2022 · 2:00pm

Google Meet joining info Video call link: TBD



The design

To-Do List

Things that need to be done in the walls before bringing in cabinets:

  • Gas line for stove/peninsula
  • water and drain stubs for possible future prep sink or pot filling faucet
  • Run water line to drinks fridge (by elevator)
  • Exterior wall penentrations in 2nd bathroom void for bathroom vent fan (4"), and stove vent hood (12")
  • Rough in ductwork for bathroom vent fan (4"), and stove vent hood (12")
  • Run any remaining electrical circuits for kitchen (DW, countertop outlets, stove and vent hood, prep sink disposal, second dryer location at bathrooms, light switches for bathroom lights)

Things that should be done when we have the cabinets, and can work based on the ones we end up with:

  • install blocking in walls for hanging the upper cabinets (need to know height of upper cabinets to do this)
  • Re-install drywall, and finish & paint in regions that will not be covered by cabinets
  • plumb up 3-basin sink and install securely to wall
  • gang base cabinets together in intended configuration, and install against walls and in peninsula configuration
  • Gang upper cabinets together in intended configuration, and hang on walls.

Things that should be done once cabinets are up:

  • measure, cut, and finish/install countertop (possibly a cheap laminate pre-built, or MDF with Formica laminate finish?)
  • install backsplash waterproofing (tile or tileboard)
  • final install/hookup gas stove
  • install vent hood and vent hood duct to outside wall penetration
  • install refrigerator and hook up ice maker water supply
  • build booth wall, install electrical for outlets, finish with drywall, paint wall and install booths


Budget/Vote Spreadsheet


  • Attendees:
    • Kayla L.
    • Kevin M.
    • Chris D.
    • Dave V.
    • Morgan W
    • Kostas P (in-and-out)
    • Jackson B (in-and-out)
    • Will B. (Remote)
    • John C. (Remote)
    • Jim D. (Remote)

2701 Tasks

  • gas line to marked location (in existing wall, aligned with peninsula, we will run through peninsula when built)
  • bathroom sink
  • Velzy will coordinate moving these to complete


  • Drop prep sink stuff, only one member wanted it, and they are no longer a member
  • add water line to drinks fridge


  • Review of budget spreadsheet:
    • Budget of $3k for cabinets is likely high, looking like Building Value prices will put us closer to $1500-$2000, keep at $3k to allow for having to buy material to build in-fill cabinets to make what used stuff we buy work with our design.
    • Up vent hood ductwork to $600 based on recent costs for paint booth and hot crafts duct
    • Add line item for washer and dryer hookups (electrical and plumbing)
    • Add line item for bathroom vent fans, ducting, and electrical
    • Add line item for FRP behind triple sink
  • General agreement that this all adds up to more than we would like, but that the cost is what it will take, we are already going the budget route by seeking used cabinets and minimizing features/costs where possible
  • General agreement that budget being presented is conservative, in that we do not expect cost overruns, and it is actually quite likely that the final cost for most line items will be well below the estimated value in the spreadsheet, but we want to be sure we don't have to post another vote for additional budget.
  • discussed if we should do a funds drive like with the AC, but generally agreed we have asked as much as we should from our members in the last few years, we should just make this happen in the hive's budget.
  • should solicit material donations as the project progresses, keep purchases to a minimum where possible