Kitchen Committee Meeting - May 29th, 2022

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Kitchen Committee Meetings
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Candidate: Kitchen Committee Meeting - June 18th, 2022

Time and Place

Time: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Minutes by Paul P.


  • Develop a quick kitchen build action plan
    • Layout options – prior discussions:
      • See Kitchen Design – Agreed upon as of 2021-08-01
    • Develop “to do” list
      • What to do with the donated cabinets?



John C, Paul P, Chris D, Jackson B. – listening in


  • Food safety is priority
    • How to keep the space clean and safe?
      • Washable surfaces, no hidden areas, sanitizing supplies
      • Stainless steel tables are preferred.
        • Closed doors and wood cabinets are not ideal: food can be unnoticed, wood is not easily sanitized.
        • Closed cupboards do provide better dust protection
  • Layout considerations.
    • A layout was agreed upon on 08/01/2022.
      • Good starting point. Reflects the members intent
      • The stove was recently installed on the wall, six feet from the fridge
      • Open walkways facilitate traffic flow and food prep flow.
        • The kitchen usage is not a commercial kitchen nor a home kitchen. It is closer to a church kitchen or community kitchen
        • Users are not food professionals so simple and robust design is preferred
  • Discussion of induction cooktops vs. gas vs. electric.
    • Generally favorable opinion but only Paul P has extensive experience with them: “As fast as gas but no open flames”
    • Flexibility in design and layout so changes can be readily made as required or as use changes.
      • Island for prep and seating is highly desirable.
        • Current wood top table is 5’ x 5’ and suitable. An additional 4’x8’ table is also recommended
        • Cord reel about island provides for additional small appliance usage.
  • Consideration for electrical appliances and garbage collection
  • Lengthy discussion on exhaust hoods.
    • Use the recirculating vent on the new microwave.
    • Charcoal filters will be required. If the microwave vent is not adequate, we will revisit the exhaust hood alternative – potentially along with the exhaust for the new bathroom.
  • Booths are not efficient.
    • Consider table and chairs with a half height wall with standing/sitting rail.

Action Plan:

  • Move one electrical box (closest to the bathroom)
  • Install FRP on all the kitchen walls. The FRP will be hung vertically so 8’ high and will proceed from behind the sink to the electrical panel
  • Mount the new microwave with vent above the recently installed stove.
  • Procure and install a 3’ stainless steel table and shelf to the left of the fridge. Shelf is approximately 24” about table height.
  • Procure and install a 6’ stainless steel table and shelf to the right of the fridge.
    • Paul and Chris have contacts at restaurant supply houses in the city.
  • Procure and install a 2’ stainless steel table and shelf to the right of the stove.
  • Move the donated cabinets to the storage area
  • Consider: using two of the “prison” tables as a temporary island.
  • Consider: build another shop table (same as in hot crafts) for island. Underneath storage can be added later.
  • Empty the wood kitchen storage shelves and determine which items are still useful.
  • Move one or two of the storage shelves to the end of the sink – for storage and to provide a visual block into the bathroom.
  • Paul to make a drawing of the proposed changes and present to membership at next meeting.