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Submit Artwork to be used on the rebuilt MAME cabinets here. Artwork will be voted on then sent to Artwork should be in RGB mode and preferably vector based. If not then use 300 dpi. Some cabinet artwork examples:

Submitted Artwork

Post artwork in proper sections below.


Marquee by Zeus

Proposed marquee design. I would appreciate feedback on what anyone thinks should be added/modified/removed. The Easter Egg is that the Space Invaders characters at the top and bottom are from a font called "Invaders from Space" and the bottom line reads ALLURBSRBLNGTOHIVEONETHREE.

Side Panels


Do not worry much about the actual button layout. We will use most of the button slots and each of are control panels have different button layouts. So make artwork that is some type of generic pattern. Half of the artwork will be folded to the bottom on the control panel anyhow.

Stripped and Cleaned Control Panels

Possible Control Panel Covers: