Mar 5, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

New Business

  • Media PC up in the Office Lounge
  • Dave B. Upgrade Machines around the space (Laser computer, etc...)
  • Dave B. brought in a damn nice Intuit tablet for the space to use.
  • Tiffany's Bock is indeed damn tasty.


  • Jon - COO
  • Chris Anderson - Board Games, Tours
  • Lindsay - Hair pieces & t-shirt quilt
  • Ian Mathews - Has his PCB for brewpi
  • Tiffany Bell - Won the first place for her Bock at bockfest.
    • Maybe making a rifle sling
  • Mike Horwath - Hobby robot project
  • Tom - (Guest) Mikes bro,
  • Paul
  • Chris Hodapp - Trying to learn haskel
  • Christine
  • Brandon (Shadoxx)
  • Emily - (Guest) 29c3 program by Bill Binny? Relational Database for enterprise...
    • Make crafty thing
    • took class on cryptography (Stanford online courses)
  • Joe - 2nd time guest, new member
  • Jordan - (Guest) 2nd time guest, get the fab station up and running
    • Fab lab trainings
    • Made the delicious cupcakes
  • Jordan LTR - LED thing backplate
  • Grahm - (Guest) Senior at Ohio U,
    • Nixie tube clock project
    • Found it online
  • Dave B. - CTO,
    • Fileserver works, Fastor,
    • Media machine is children distraction approved,
      • we need a wireless keyboard & Mouse for it.
    • Child is adorable and distracting
    • Talk next week on surface mount soldering & assembly
      • Demo boards are Jim's boards
      • FTDI Serial boards available for purchase as projects
  • Marcus (New Member)
  • Jim - President
  • Tye
  • John Cairnes
  • Stephen (Guest) - from Dayton, Here w/ Nancy,
  • Stella - (Guest) 3x time guest, w/ Nancy, interested in becoming a member, working on a dress
  • Nancy - Freehanded a comb out of plastic on the bandsaw
  • Dan - Unicycle
  • Jason - theramin


  • Needs feedback about machines around the space
    • Laser cutter machine
  • We voted in the spending for officers
    • It has been started this month, simple electronics & hardware
    • Metric only screws for right now.
    • Monthly DigiKey // Mouser order, will be posted to the mailing list.
    • There is a spreadsheet, talk to Jon about it.
  • Chris Anderson
    • March 30th is International Tabletop Day
    • Saturday, Game day here on the 30th
  • UC Cybercrime Cats
    • Infosec group meets every Tuesday @ 6
    • Aproached us about giving a demonstration about building labs. Chris A is putting together a talk for them.
  • Ian - Needs some help removing surface mount items
    • Shadoxx will help.
  • Jim - Start a project page for your projects
  • Jim - Space balloon project, wants some people to revigorate the project.
    • iSpace - First robotics