March 1, 2016

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Housekeeping
    • Leave work surfaces clear!
    • New Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm until further notice.
    • We have residential neighbors at all times. Mind the music volume.
      • Are we planning on doing something about the air compressor noise?
        • Maybe move the thing somewhere else, so it's not under the dude upstairs.
    • Liability waiver legibility.
    • Warden help/suggestions from membership
      • If you notice consumables are out, a tool has an issue, etc email
  • New Year, New Tools!
  • Tour of Hivetoolery
    • Laser update
      • It's out of focus. This is a bad thing, if you didn't know. Elly's putzing with it.
    • 3D Printers
      • Bill has taken delivery of the temperature amplifier.
    • CNC update
      • Need a plug. Some nudnik broke the old one. :/
        • Fixed. New one installed. There is a switch on it now.
      • Vectric Makerspace Program - Behold the power of procrastination.


Old Business

  • Jim D- Opening day parade. (Findlay Market) Application in. Waiting to hear back. Zzzzzzzz.
  • Jim D - PTDR
    • San Francisco maker faire is sponsoring us.
    • Work on the website.

New Business

  • New Belt Sander - Thanks Kevin! The fellow he got it from could be a good supply of cheap tools in the future.
  • Ian - Ry would like to talk about remote access. Ian is not here. Dammit, Ian.
  • Elly - Pot Luck! Tuesday, March 15th
    • The theme is beer. Beer cheese, beer-battered fish, &c. Or just bring a bunch of beer.
  • Viewed new space on Blade Ave.
  • Next week's Secondy Tuesday speaker is Richard Pouldt, expert of typewriters.
  • Travis is a new attendee - Kevin was a patient of his. Interested in EKG machines due to his job as cardio-sonography tech something I didn't catch. A few years ago, he came down with Muscular Dystrophy, and they gave him shitty braces that don't work and wants to get/build some better ones. Obligatory Dongiverse reference for helping him.


  • Ryan - Tested RFID keyfobs for Hive door access. Building an MPCNC.
  • Nancy - Wearing pants! (This means the braces came off.)
  • Ken - mistook a Honda for a Harley, helping Kevin with tool hunt, damn Mexicans take all the tools
  • Curtis - back on his feet after breaking ankle, and glad
  • Greg - ran wires, fixed the CNC.
  • Jon - started a contracting job today, been away from the space for a couple weeks, smells like Fromunda cheese
  • Kevin - on new meds, sleepy, got a belt sander, looking for vintage belt sanders or any angle grinders (for PTDR)
  • Dustin - working on the UC student group to try and get them to collaborate with the Hive, work on PTDR website
  • Hodapp - too busy studying
  • Jim - visited Level One, PTDR, Arduino project for PTDR cable car recovery system
  • John - ripping apart light bulbs for a project, making pattern for armor
  • Tim - not much, nailed down ideas for a steam punk project
  • Dave - several projects
  • Elly - eats poop, absent, took break, quit putting fucking chairs in the woodworking area, experimenting with staining then lasering wood
  • Andrew - fucked the Polar up (again), bought a security bit set, fixed Pokemon game