March 14, 2017

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



  • Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am until further notice.
  • Liability waivers must be legible

Old Business

  • Space next door:
    • ...
    • Leak status:
      • Asking garden street now that we have access
      • Giving them a card for access for emergencies and maintenance
  • Voting system needs upgrading - Ian is working on it
    • Progress
  • Server Rack Overhaul
    • Bought hard drives, waiting for shipping
  • Getting an early start on ideas for Maker Faire. Will B going to take the lead on this conversation.
  • Dustin's laser class
    • How'd it go?
  • Help us with a general budget for the rest of our fiscal year (until July)
    • With the open finance website, it's easier to track our expenses now
    • Each year, active members sometimes informally come up with some "big ticket" items from the wishlist, and make a "budget" for the coming year for larger purchases (like the lathe, or the big laser, etc.)
      • This budget is used to keep an idea of the possible goals for purchased items for the year
    • What would we like to get this year? What items would expand or improve our areas? Which items are we "ready for" that would be most utilized in the near future? (There are things on the wish list that really are far future "wishes", and not practical now.).
    • Some items are on the table for discussion right now (welder, vacuum former, etc.). These might fit into this.

New Business

  • Upcoming events:
    • ??
  • Board meeting yesterday, minutes on the wiki
  • March Purgatory
  • The Return on Second Saturday Clean-up!
    • Hive is getting filthy again
    • The clutter is lessened, now we need a cleaning.
    • New time going forward
    • Special edition on the 25th.
  • Vote tonight - vacuum form machine
  • Vote next week: March 28 - DIY vacuum form machine (should tonight's vote fail)


  • Vacuum former, Tonight. See below and mailing list for details:
    • Vote 1 is for $2500. This would include the better model of the EZFORM ® LV 1827, shipping and a dedicated shopvac setup and any additional costs that may arise.
    • Vote 2 is for $2000 This would include the Smaller model of the EZFORM ® SV 1217, shipping and a dedicated shopvac setup and any additional costs that may arise.
    • Vote 3: is for $1000 which includes a small 12x12 vacuum table, A heating source such as a used electric stove or patio heater DIY system & any additional costs. Both of the heat sources here are bottom heated and I am not a fan of this idea.
  • Vote next week: March 21, DIY Vacuum former
    • See mailing list for details


Old Business

  • New space
    • Badge reader on the new space is up and running
    • Still a leak
      • Going to get Garden Street to take a look
      • They're going to be receiving a card to get access
  • CTO Stuff
    • Voting system
      • No interesting progress
    • Server Rack overhaul
      • Elly just yesterday heard how quiet it is now
    • Hard drives on order
  • Maker Faire
    • Season start in April, ends in November
    • We have a list of candidates
    • Elly will be putting a list together
    • Time to start getting ready
    • Will B. will be taking a lead on it
  • Laser class
    • Went well
      • First was a little rocky
      • Second one got going good
    • Started doing nameplates (like for your project box)
    • Had about six people certified
  • Middle of the fiscal year
    • Every year around this time, we look at the wishlist and decide what big-ticket items we want to get for the coming year
    • This isn't official, but more something to keep in our minds
    • Make sure we have enough reserve funds
      • At least a year of operating expenses
      • Maybe set up the Open Finance website to show a "bottom line" we don't want to go below
      • Maybe invest some of it. There's a post about it
      • Bitcoin would be a phenomenally stupid idea.
      • Gold or silver might be better - Ron Swanson would approve
    • We'll send an e-mail out about big-ticket items
      • Welder
      • Vacuum former
      • Surface mill
  • Oscilloscope is in!

New Business

  • Upcoming events
    • Nothing?
    • Wait, wait?
    • At least for the next couple of weeks
  • Board meeting, minutes are on the wiki
  • March Purgatory
    • There is one set of lockers in pre-purgatory
      • It's going into purgatory on April 10th.
      • Get your stuff out of them
    • The other lockers and the filing cabient with signs written by Greg on them are up for grabs by the first person to remove them from the Hive.
  • Saturday Cleanup
    • It's moving to the Saturday after the board meeting for purgatory reasons.
    • There's a special edition on the 25th.
    • Greg will start posting on the mailing list and calendar.
    • There will also be a special to-do list for each meeting.
  • Some people did some stuff with a rocking chair


  • Vacuum former
    • Step-down vote for great model, good model, DIY solution (look above for the model numbers)
    • We could also build our own.
    • Elly's summary
      • Get a tool we can immediately use, more expensive, but usable
      • Or we could have more fun hacking and making one. Cheaper, but we need interested people to work on it.
    • Vote - 16 people here
      • $2500 - 5 abstain, 4 no, 7 yes here, 4 yes online, 1 no online
  • Greg proposes a vote for $700 for electrical improvements for the annex.

Frisbee round!

  • Greg - got the annex door working, detonated an air bag, reloaded some ammunition, working on temperature controller for his dad's hacked-together garage heater
  • Ryan - first time - Va. military school, on Spring Break, likes MCUs, computers
  • Brad - oscilloscope is in, function generator and logic analyser on back order, brought in a hard drive motor to play with
  • Tim - got into an accident, came to the Hive more
  • Alex - finished re-wiring GF's old house she's trying to sell
  • Tim - played Zelda Breath of the Wild
  • Nancy - do your dishes, certification for the dishwasher is getting old, finished sewing project - pants into a bag
  • Karensa - something about an Apple failing
  • Dustin - spring break, about it
  • Jim - working on a friend's metal shop (who is getting rid of a *huge* HO-gauge model railroad)
  • Brent - fixed the chimney flue in his house, removed cat from the chimney and bathed it
  • John - new? - robot something, neutrinos, dunno
  • John 2.0 - laser class
  • Ian W. - visiting from Miami
  • Daniel - cosplay commissions, it sucks to deal with politicians
  • Steve - toys for a project, GPS stuff
  • Ian B. - authentication system, work, slept
  • Andrew - fucked off
  • Elly - documented her mediocre baking exploits, read a sci-fi series about silos (???), considering working on welding mural, set up KeePass and promptly forgot the master password