March 17, 2020

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Time and Place

Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Telecom

Meeting Agenda


  • Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7:00am (for now!!! yay!)
  • Liability waivers must be legible
  • All of us are responsible for safety. If you see something dangerous, help correct it.
  • Broken things? Red Tag them and post on Slack or Mailing List!
  • Missing consumables? Email
  • Host a class or workshop! Contact Will B. for help organizing.
  • Use the Parking Tag System

Move Status

  • What's been done?
  • What's to be done?
  • Empty your storage spaces! We will be purging all storage space reservations for the move.

Other Business

  • None


  • None

Upcoming events

All events cancelled until the pandemic has passed.


schwinn: i am willing to write a check right now for a year's worth of studio space

ryan: i don't think anyone has lost that as a goal, i don't think we have the bandwidth to work out the particulars of that. if we get mired around that we lose valuable time.

velzy: i agree that we don't do that now, but as we look at alternate ways to bring in more income, that's a viable alternative

burdick: at 11,500 we have space for it

kevin: my worry is that we sacrifice our core areas in order to squish in some of that. i don't want it to get in the way, to be in the middle of the functional part of the space. how many little studios would fit in one block of columns?

velzy: one cell is 432 square feet

schwinn: four spaces

kevin: there's two cells with "member storage" in the back i'd be much more comfortable starting with the carts

schwinn: i'm willing to start with a cart i was told this would be our buy for a while

kevin: we can take the rest of the wing and make it all studios, that's pretty low-effort expansion

schwinn: why would you wait a year for me to write you a check?

kevin: i'm interested in using the hive

velzy: on the other hand, we have sufficient funds to cover expenses. we have at least three different ways to keep the place going if membership drops

ryan: there's a lot of pent-up demand for that kind of space. once we have the time to get to that we might be able to get there quickly

velzy: we need to pick up and move and won't have it in a state that's ideal. the question is executing. we will have limits on how much people can do. who knows what's going to come out of government in the near future. we may not have good performance from the contractors. we have a lease, we have a contract

burdick: 11,500 puts this in a better situation to build studios sooner. we're in a good place financially now, but we have options

jim: i was trying to keep it simple an relatively high level, i understand there are needs. i'm looking for buy-in on the 'general area' on the spring grove side. the kitchen, etc. the key idea to me is that the area in front of elevator is open. pushing member storage and project parking to the far west end.

burdick: if there's room at the back, why not push the loud and obnoxious things toward the back?

jim: i'm focusing on where the team wants to build walls, and put forward the idea that the less walls we have to build the more flexible we are. let's put in the minimum number of walls for the future, and not lock ourselves into little-bitty tight spaces. once we build walls it's pretty permanent. it's hard to move. it's hard to change. once we build walls it's permanent.

kevin: i think it'll be miserable to work in a space that open.

ryan: maybe there's a priority order for the walls? woodshop first, etc.

kevin: i had just started labeling all of the walls. i'd start with building out the kitchen and bathroom walls. that's been consistent in all plans.

burdick: i think kevin's most recent 11,500 plan has a minimum of walls

velzy: none of us have gotten sick yet, once we do that'll tell us more.

john clark: i'm a senior citizen and don't want to go out if i don't have

schwinn: not at the risk of death

velzy: maybe we can go down and do something by ourselves alone, so we're not exposed to y'all.

ryan: apparently this virus can live on a metal surface for 2-3 days

schwinn: clean the laser before you use it, or wear gloves

clark: if i get injured or someone else might that's not good

ralph: i hop up on a chair all the time i should grab a ladder

velzy: all the bad injuries i've seen came from climbing racks; it's easy to fall off and get pretty banged up

ryan: life's rough; get a helmet

burdick: i appreciate being called an idiot; but i'd also like to move on from this topic