March 18, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Space Stuff/COO
    • Gigabot
    • Table saw
    • Spotting laser on laser cutter
    • Third Saturday
    • Kitchen towel bucket?
  • Network stuff/CTO
    • New batteries for UPS server
    • New hard drives for file server
  • CPS Science Night
  • Hive13 propaganda (Shadoxx)

New Business

  • Do not use dishwasher


  • Mike
  • Music--danced a lot
  • Hodapp
  • Joseph--member, working on brochure
  • Bill-tried to print something
  • Franklin--brought in fancy cell phone charging robot
  • Arliss--worked on arduino project
  • Jon-worked on woodshop, stacked stuff on shelves
  • Franklin's Father, also Frank
  • Ryan--pallet racks
  • Shadoxx--musix and and analogz
  • Tiffany--finished counter flow chiller for hombebres
  • Dave M (member)
  • Jim--went to organizing meeting for cinci maker faire! working on cindi loo
  • Ryan-member, nice to be back
  • Jim(m)--beat through serial communications
  • Hutch (m)--learning laser cutter
  • Nancy--rug is almost complete! next project: real rug frame
  • Daniel--working on klingon rifle prop
  • Chris--went to maker kickof as well


  • Jon: Space stuff
    • took down some useless shelves from woodworking area
    • Jon organized wood on pallet racks--plywood bottom masonite, etc
    • Finished running electric for welder today!
    • Go check out wood area!
    • Table saw is ready to go!
    • Gigabot--power supply fried, Bill ordered one but it has still not shipped from China
      • Anyone going to Fry's? :) Could pick one up to get it working faster
    • Laser cutter mounting bracket
      • bracket is broken that is supposed to hold red guide laser (cutting laser still fine)
      • pretty simple piece to create and install. anyone want to take the lead?
      • Daniel offered work on this, Jon will show what needs to be done.
    • Kitchen towel bucket. We actually have access to a washer and dryer

  • Ryan--dishwasher is terrible and useless
    • For now, DO NOT USE IT--instead wash by hand.
    • Do not put dirty stuff on teh dish-wrack, it is for drying clean stuff

  • CTO Stuff: Dave B wants us to vote on stuff for Hive13 servers
    • Dave sent 2 proposals on the email list for us to vote on
    • Jon and Ryan explained the proposals, and attendess voted.
    • Purchase 1: Server batteries: want 12 batteries, 18$ each, for UPS
      • old battery cluster has gone bad.
      • Important for this to be working; it runs our badge access for example
      • Vote passed: Dave authorized to spend $200 on batteies
    • 2nd purchase: server hard-drives upgrades.
      • Dave proposed spending ~$1000 for 12 terabytes of harddrive space.
      • Some discussion followed
        • more storage space--upgrade would allow more computer/server-related projects.
        • Dave wants to do a "yearly server restructuring"--going to take some unused servers out of commission.
        • we already have ~4TB of hard drive space, only a small fraction is being used
        • what do our servers actually do?
          • VM ware
          • General purpose SSH server, does camer
          • Firewall
          • 5 set up as a computing cluster.
          • On our hivestor file server--a few terabytes, we are using a few hundred gigs.
        • Shadoxx--down the line, if we have more people wanting to use servers, might be nice
      • ryan--more cost efective to use amazon web serviced? but not as cool.
      • Vote failed
  • Propaganda
  • Joseph--brochures! prototypes of awesome hex design passed around
    • how will we cut them out?--probably manually --> cutting and folding party.
    • new pictures of Hive should be taken for brochures
      • Hodapp can take photographs in a week.
      • watch for a notification--get yourself/your project photgraphed
      • PICK UP AFTER YOURSELF and clean up your old projects. we want Hive looking good!
    • shadoxx-might need to find somewhere else to print them up (rather than place he works)
      • Trifold folding printers are cool, would really like to use those for trifold design
    • Chris--manufactory has printing business.
      • we also have one in anchor building.
      • Shadoxx--laser printing will be faster and cheaper
    • How many to print? Shadoxx proposes 1000
      • We went thru a LOT at Maker Faire.
      • General agreegment with 1000, but want to know price
      • Shadoxx will get price quote within 2 weeks.
    • we could get a big frame with oversized hex print.
    • Shadoxx is MAKING THIS HAPPEN, no delays.
  • John--hive13 logo display.
    • This was discussed on mail list as a portable hive advertisement gizmo
    • John can build base, other members needed to help with art/electronics/etc
    • Short discussion followed; Mike willing to help
  • Hutch--Jim was talking about getting batteries for cindy lou
    • does anyone have access to used 12V batteries?
    • Bill--Dave has some--they are some extras on the shelf, available right now!