March 21, 2017

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



  • Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am until further notice.
  • Liability waivers must be legible

Old Business

  • Space next door:
    • Start moving tables, etc. in.
      • think about the power needs and flexibility for moving those tables into different configurations
      • The full table move might need to wait for the electric upgrades
    • Leak status:
      • Need to nudge Garden Street about the leak above the workbench which has been ongoing for months and not fixed. A bucket is not a permanent solution, and people keep tripping over it.
  • Voting system needs upgrading - Ian is working on it
    • Update
  • Server Rack Overhaul
    • Update
  • March Purgatory - reminder

New Business

  • Upcoming events:
    • Saturday Cleanup - March 25th
      • Time TBD
      • Will have a list of cleaning tasks to direct help
      • Might provide food/drinks
    • Brad: Oscilloscope intro - Saturday April 1st?
      • See mailing list for interest poll to add to content of class
  • Lorin is adding air drops and needs help:
    • This Wed (3/22) or Thurs (3/23) afternoon
  • Lorin is doing a group digikey order, by end of day today
    • Add to mailing list thread if interested
    • Building Value, LLC
    • Approached us after attending meeting in January
    • Can donate shelving/other industrial things possibly?
    • In exchange for participating in their fundraiser with PTDR
  • Electronic bench upgrade report:
    • Amount Spent: $542.98
    • Amount Budgeted: $1439.32
    • Remaining $709.16 remains in our accounts
    • We managed to spend less than half of the allotted budget due to scrounging, hacking, smart buying, etc.
    • Amazing job Lorin and those who helped along the way
  • Vote tonight - electrical upgrades
    • See below and mailing list for details


  • $700 for electrical improvement for the new space
    • More lighting - its own circuit as well as the fixtures
    • At least one, if not two, more 20A circuits for plugs
    • One 240V outlet for 240V things
      • 5 mailing list "yes" votes as of 16:30 on 3/21/2017


Old Business

  • Updates for the annex
    • Can move tables in here
      • Maybe as classroom space here, too
      • Wait for electrical upgrades for a lot of stuff
    • Still leaking
      • Talk to Garden Street and get them to fix it
      • Or maybe fix it itself
  • Online voting
    • LDAP is starting to work
    • Starting work interface to create/manage profiles
  • Server Update
    • Waiting for the hard drives to arrive
  • March Purgatory
    • Take a look

New Business

  • Upcoming events
    • This Saturday, 25 March
      • Cleaning, not organizing
      • Starts at noon
    • Brad's Oscilloscope intro
      • Date not yet firm, but Saturday, April 1
      • Split - hour of never seen an oscilloscope, hour of using the thing
  • Lorin is adding air drops to the electronics area, this Wed. or Thurs. afternoon
  • Lorin is also having a DigiKey Order
    • Go check the mailing list for more info
  • Building Value might donate shelving
    • Or other industrial storage solutions
    • Donate things they have in exchange for us participating in their fundraiser
      • they suggested bringing PTDR
    • May 19th
    • Brad's getting more details
  • Budget Report
    • Completed Electronics Upgrade Project
      • Spent about $450, had voted in about $1500
      • Scrounged, hacked, and fixed stuff for the upgrade
      • Lorin gets an attaboy
  • Steve is going to be missing, can someone take over pizza
  • Lounge PC
    • Should be fine after it gets Ethernet


  • Greg proposes a vote for $700 for electrical improvements for the annex.
    • 5 yes votes from the list
    • Here: 15 here, 0 abstain, 1 no, 14 yes

Frisbee round!

  • Elly - making thickness guides for rolling pin, finishing cedar outdoor table, maybe going backpacking
  • Greg - brought some resistors and diodes to donate, has circuit board here he made, working on door access
  • Mike - still kinda new, resurrecting hobby of R/C boats that fire ball bearings
  • Aaron - brand new - 3D, props, costuming, neighbor has a 3D parlor near his house, recommended he go here
  • Mike - brand new - grant from People's Liberty for his project, wants to learn electronics and coding, found us out by looking for someone to teach him
  • James - new job in Easton, commute sucks, stressed
  • Nancy - sewing, cleaning, waiting for warm weather
  • Steve - RasPI
  • Coy - CNC
  • Brad - updating wiki
  • Hodapp - nothing
  • Karensa - cooking, baking, dishes
  • Ian B. - auth system, actual job, not sleeping
  • Dave L. - old cars, upgrading laptop, working on MIDI puncher
  • John 2.0 - fighting with GPID interfaces for apes (???)
  • John - circuit board design, neural network
  • Adrian - selling shit, Mendelson's, MCM Electronics
  • Will - Dengue fever, built some shit, testing flame cannon on Friday
  • Brent - python, Inkscape plugins