March 24, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Gigabot Update
  • CNC Update
  • Power Series Update
  • Cincy Popup Camp - March 28th, THIS WEEKEND

New business

  • Opening Day Parade
  • Big Laser Funding Vote - $9000 Budget Approval


  • Nicholas - Loren's Guest, installing sound systems at highschool
  • Dave L - not a whole lot
  • Jim D - going to Bay area Makerfaire in May
  • Mike - busy with kids
  • Ian W - working on CNC on and off
  • Jon - RFID system rework moving along, dust collection is moving along
  • John - laser engraving, learning human machine interfaces
  • Andrew - working on 3d printer assembly, life stuff
  • Nancy - working on curtains for shelving, fridge cleaning effort
  • Dustin - school stuff, cooking stuff, stuff stuff
  • Loren - went off the grid for a little bit
  • Bill - attended midwest Reprap fest, people loved his printer. revolutionizing 3d printing
  • Ryan - Fastor is getting looked at, worked on coffee table. infinity mirror
  • Elly - planter boxes, learning autodesk for modeling
  • Julien - working with small logic analyzer
  • Katie - coding diamond script algorithm for Rhino
  • Jim S - working on car, balancing tires
  • Aaron - Loren's student, enjoying the Hive, hacking stuff
  • Brandon - working on scooter
  • Evan - guest, worked on computer, knows a few other members
  • Ian - guest
  • Holly - guest, working on car



  • Gigabot
    • Parts are still in the mail
  • CNC Update
    • Almost have dust collection, part on order
  • Power Series
    • Redesigning the gear. Seat mounted.
  • Cincy Popup Camp
    • This Saturday, Hive members are encouraged to bring their stuff. Talk to Katie.
    • Work session from 1PM to 5PM. 5PM to 7PM main event.
    • Good opportunity to network and get involved in the creative community!
  • Opening Day Parade
    • Cincy-lou hopefully working, contingency plans include getting with Cincy Kinetics group
    • 1.8 mile route, about 40 minutes of actual parade time
  • Big Laser Funding Vote
    • Asking for a $9000 budget. Hoping to do a fundraising effort to cover most of the costs.
    • Jon has been researching lasers and has one in mind.