March 24, 2020

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Time and Place

Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Telecom


  • Hive13 is closed to the public, but members accessing tools, material, and the space is still permitted for the purposes of essential activities in accordance with Ohio's guidelines.
  • If you come in, clorox wipe every single thing you touch, please.


  • Move: 11.5k vs. 7k Sq. Ft.
    • online votes only
      • Yes (11.5k):
      • No (7k):

Upcoming events

All events cancelled until the pandemic has passed.



  • this stuff can live on surfaces for a long time. keep us all safe.
  • all in-person events are cancelled until further notice.
  • it could take a while; be episodic.
  • feedback on 3d printing PPE for doctors at hospitals. If there's some interest Chris will follow up with people. There's a whole host a risks and safety issues. Kevin: “I’d only want to do it if there's a specific organization asking for specific things.” Joanne's is putting out patterns and you make it and you bring it back to them and they distribute it. They have a whole page on how to sew up masks. P&G is getting requests to make masks, but they're hesitant to make medical devices.


  • all in-person events are cancelled until further notice.
  • Telecom needlecraft night went well.
  • We’re (Kayla is) going to do a cooking show telecom event.
  • there's been discussion in the cooking channel.
  • hodapp could do a bread tutorial.
  • Kayla wants the fucking octopus

7k vs. 11.5k at move-in vote

  • end of voting is end of the meeting. Vote on thread now if you want it counted, I will not be doing counts over telecom.
  • Results:
    • 20 yes
    • 12 no
    • 2 abstains
  • Vote Passes, we are doing 11.5k