March 25, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Space Stuff/COO
    • Gigabot
    • Spotting laser
    • lathe
  • science night/outreach
  • Hive13 propaganda

New Business


  • Mike--3D design software
  • Dave B--took a vacation to chicago
  • Ryan
  • "Dark Ian"--spent 8hrs on an arduino
  • Nancy--finished her rug
  • Jordan
  • John-worked on display object for Hive, brought in prototype
  • Bll--worked on the Gigabot, it is (mostly) working
  • Jon--worked on CNC router, cleaned up
  • Joseph--tweaks to brochure, learning java, but considering scala
  • Hodapp--took glamor shots of the space
  • Brandon--present
  • Jason--posted about upcoming hive gameday at (april 5th)
  • Jim--worked on cindi lou
  • Dave
  • Ryan--shelves
  • Franklin-brought in levitating desk toy
  • Jim--working on barista robot
  • Ian--helped flip CNC machine over
  • Arliss
  • Tiffany
  • Coy
  • (first name?)Saunders, visitor--interested in 3D printing


  • Space stuff
    • Jon--More tool info getting moved/put on the wiki
    • Dave will be trying to document some of the electronics
    • Dave is also doing a digikey order if you want to save on shipping
    • Jim--also doing some wiki updates, fixing broken links
      • also making power tool drag racing wiki page
      • Jim also created a DIY project wiki template, with instructions for self-documenting
      • want to show that the hive is active and alive! please document projects
    • Mike--starting to document some science outreach stuff on the wiki

  • Dave server is kinda lacking. Dave appreciates getting input for server restructing
    • currently our website and wiki are run from a server we own, at a colocation center downtown
    • We could switch this server for a better one.
    • Some discussion followed....
    • Jon-agrees it would be nice to upgrade; we should do a mirror here before completely switching over.
    • Dave thinks it would be good to remove our VMware server.
    • Ian--how long will free colocation last?
      • Dave--as long as we don't cause trouble.
      • Dave should be introduced to Larry (of the colo)
    • Dave--bigger push for getting more storage is to decrease the # of machines that need to be powered on.
    • we have older, shittier, power-hungry machines we could get rid of.
  • Lathe--will be arriving 5PM saturday. On extended "free loan" from Tiffany's father
    • Volunteers wanted to help move it into hive.
    • Some discussion of what we need--engine hoist to lift if from pickup?
    • Tiff--it is now on the wiki as "atlas lathe"
      • also "manual of lathe operations" has some nice documentation
    • There is a group (Jon, Ryan, etc) planning to learn to use the lathe, talk to them if you want to join.
  • Ryan--pallet racks--we could put some up in front of fab lab, and keep our long angle iron there.
    • We would need to move bookshelves
      • Dave can easily get more for the same good place
      • We have more open space for more pallet racks in woodworking area as well

  • Shadoxx--working on getting prices still for pamphlets.
    • Jon--have you talked to the guy next to us at the print shop?
  • Dave should bug Ian about Tshirts.