March 31, 2020

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Time and Place

Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Telecom

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Velzy – convo w/ wessleman. Passing lease back and forth. 11k5 at rate we agreed on. Same dates. Another month free rent as COVID accommodation. V. pleasant. Heagrees life is bonkers. Thinking long run, v flexible. Slow progress on buildout. Suspect we could have another free month if we needed Jim questions : still out of 2929 at the end of may?V – who knows? If not we’ll talk to earl. You and I best to do so maybe. Again, world is bonkers. J: Do we allow Hive members to go to the Hive right now? Nancy : pretty sure people are using itBasically, few people are in and outJim: I think that’s ok as long as it doesn’t get crayRyan: Spot check. Not obsessive, but keep eye out for crowdsSchwin I think Megan said she was done with her work and will be leaving Velzy Yeah I think her business is drying upJim – Is there readily viewable badge accessesVelzy – yep. Lemme tell you howJim – I can answer my own question? cool. Ok, next, at 2701 can we get in there? During the week?Velzy yep there are keys leadership members have. You can get one and get in. wesslemens are leaving the place open for us. Be cautiousJim – I can come help when we move big things, big mill, surface grinder, etc. I just want to check about using earls fork truckChris Velzy jumbleV – Lets not right now. Im not about to do any moving with covid. Chris Well Thursday move meeting we had a fair consensus was that according to the rules of S.A.H order we don’t think its real legit for us to be working on the move. We’re not really essential. We’re trying to use a loophole. We don’t need to be there. Realistically another 2 monthsRyan there is an exemption for moving and relocation where if we really needed to we could for a leasing problemJim ok cool I just didn’t know if we were gonna run into problemsChris – seems like both landlords have been super helpful and understanding. V pleasant Velzy I think we get wiser by the day as to whats really happening. We should just wait until were even wiser than this. Wise wise wiseChris are you gonna talk more to anchor buildingVelz eventuallyJim this is jim. Ive been talking to sarah webber landlord @ garden. Knows we’re current on our rent. Fishing that we have missed a payment. It’s trivial and will workitself out, just working it out. In nov of 18 we made a dec payment ahead of time before it was due and usps didn’t deliver it. Got a call from her saying I haven’t seenyour rent check, I got home and had a return to sender. At that time I wrote a paper check and walked it over on dec 15th which she did not cash until the next year, middle of January so her records show we missed a pymt that she waited to cash until jan.N what about janJim no that was on schedule. On time. Its just the one got messed up with usps maybe she doesn’t wanna give us the deposit. Ill keep you postedV sounds like she has chaotic book keepingNG whats the point? Weve been a tenant for 10 yrJD its dumb. Joy of being treasurerJim – wants the dwg file for latest floorplanKayla – gives shpeel about cooking with covidJim I think youre onto something. Valuable part of hive is the community. Anyone willing to do stuff like that is appreciatedWill we should do wiki parties. We’re all boredBlunder – speak for yourself. I’m busy afJim I miss sparksDave b – wavesJim ive been doing some Arduino Schwinn had a cocktail partyHively – I’ll show up to things. I just wanna hang outDb – I can try an online sparks meeting.Dave B has a lot of hickory and cherry wood if you wanna smoke itDiscussion about how to hold meetingsRyan can help people get back into hive emails