March 4, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Space Improvement
  • CPS Science Night
  • Hive13 propaganda (Shadoxx)
  • Carin is our March speaker, next week--announcement is on

New Business

  • Gigabot is dead
  • First Batch
  • Urban Farming


  • Jim - drove to louisiana and went to mardi gras.
  • Tom - screen printing posters
  • Hutch
  • Jim S - Working on his barista bot
  • Tiffany - Made a raspberry pints setup, Meckl gardens beer tapping tomorrow (Weds)!
  • Dave L - spearrow?, rekeyed lock, etc
  • Shaddox - got drunk at the hive, marketing document
  • Ian M - worked on kegerator
  • Franklin - Worked on curling costume
  • Bill - Working on his 3d printers
  • Joseph - Made sprites for a friends rpgmaker game!
  • Josh - Been playing around with 3d modelling software
  • Conan - Bought a nano quadcopter
  • Dave M - Went to open data cincy hackathon. Knows a guy working on First Batch (product incubator). Deadline to apply is Mar 17th.
  • Adrian - Working with VAG (volkswagen audi group) software
  • Hodapp - software that failed making everything else look like it failed. Needs a hammer for this.
  • Daniel - video games
  • Jason - ran drunken game day this saturday
  • Jon
  • Mimi - Lives in camp washington! Working on urban farm site.
  • Michael - Sabin science corporation founder. Biotech, mat sci, and enviro sci.
  • Boniface - Background in math
  • Ian - Late, out of the loop in LA.


  • CPS Science Night
    • Ian has been out of the loop that last five days.
    • Some items for science stuff are on their way.
    • Next Weds!
  • Hive Propaganda
    • A few people working on brochures.
    • Business cards?
      • If we have a design shaddox will try to get some order.
  • Second Tuesday speaker next week.
    • Carin speaking about the phantom x robot.
  • Urban Farming
    • Mimi, moved in to camp washington in 1992. Got a small grant to green up camp washington.
    • 2012 got a grant from Kaboom to rebuild a playground and put in a garden. Due to MSD project this is getting torn apart.
    • Got a grant to put in a garden next to the salt storage up the road. Have a labor agreement with River City.
    • Need helping watering this new field. Idea is a tank to move water to the field (water tap is 1000ft away). Trying think of a vehicle to move the water?
  • Maker Faire
    • Cincy Maker Faire is in Sept.
    • Jim wants to know if anyone wants to help take the power tool drag racing to the Detroit Maker Faire.