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Fab Lab
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Location Materials/Services Notes
LaserBits Wide range of cutting and engraving materials, accessories, etc.
Johnson Plastics Cleaning supplies, raw material - cermark, acrylic items, etc
Cincinnati Maker Resource Guide Site is a prototype, but full of good info
JMP Rubber Stamp Materials
River Front Steel They will do processing of metal (sweet CNC video on their website). Unsure if friendly to hobbyists.
American Metal Supply They have scraps/drops you can walk in to look at. $35 or $40 minimum.
Home Depot Wood,Pine & Baltic Plywood, clear acrylic. Not particularly good prices.
Menards Wood, Pine & Baltic Birch Plywood, Kiln dried Yellow Pine pine, hardwood including mahogany
Huber Lumber Wood, decking, PVC molding, tools, nuts, bolts Easy to work with local lumber yard, delivers
Hyde Park Lumber Wood, mostly pine/oak, but some cherry and other hardwoods Have some lumber deal bins with molding, boards, etc.
Paxton Wood Domestic and exotic hardwoods. 100% FSC which is nice.
Doppes Building Materials Decent price on sheet goods (plywood). Not sure of other materials $10ish delivery fee, can some times convince them to do same day delivery.


  • Ask at just about any smaller local hardware store for acrylic scraps - you may get a good deal