May 19, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Laser Fundraiser Update
  • Electronic's Area Update
  • Gigabot Update
  • Purgatory

New Business

  • Board Meeting Review
    • Area Warden Budget Extension Vote
    • Storage Boxes
    • Elections Are In Two Months
  • Pictures From San-Fran Makerfaire!
  • Co-op Update
  • New Multimeter
  • Popcorn Machine Cleaning
  • LAN Party @ Hive13
  • Power Tool Drag Racing 2015 - Season start is close!


  • Next Week - Area Warden Budget Extension


  • Brandon - working on old Mazdas
  • Hodapp - started on a batch of some wine
  • Nancy - did stuff
  • Prince (Guest) - family graduation!
  • Ryan - retrofitted 3d printer with a better head
  • Brandon S - new member!
  • Peter (Guest) - enjoying the nice weather
  • Alex - back, and better than ever
  • Will - hustlin' erry day, cutting something with the laser
  • Ian B - wondering around Cali and being lost
  • Elly - cleaned up woodworking area again, filled up purgatory. created an arc reactor!
  • Andrew - went to a garage sale, bought some game swag
  • Greg - gardenwork "hacking"
  • Jon N - started working on buying the BFL, enjoying life!
  • James - went camping, working!
  • Dave L - was out of town this week
  • Jim D - went to the Sanfran Makerfaire!
  • Dustin B - working on coop stuff, had fun at the CaC this week!


  • Laser Fundraiser UpdateDuring one of my philosophy courses at school, my professor gave us an in-class assignment:
    • Up to almost $2000! If you'd like to donate tonight, please see Jon.
  • Board Meeting Review
    • Area Warden Budget Extension Vote
      • New rules for the Area Warden program are written, bylaws need to be ammended.
      • This vote is to give the Warden program another couple of months of funding until elections, when we can change the bylaws.
    • Storage Boxes
      • Elly will be holding a day for building storage boxes in the next two weeks. Please talk with Elly if you're interested!
    • Elections are in Two Months!
      • If you would like to run for a position, put your name in! If you would like to nominate anyone for a position, put their name in anytime between now and the week before elections!
  • Coop Update
    • Contemporary Art's Center event was a success, kids got sent home with some pretty cool gadgets!
    • Fablab is being rearranged to accommodate the new laser!
    • Cincinnati Computer Cooperative - Wednesday 6pm-9pm, Saturday 9am-2pm
      • In talks with CCC about potential volunteer opportunities
  • New Multimeter
    • We've been given a new multimeter by HP. It's the nicest one we've had yet! Please don't break it. Ask Jon if you need help.
    • There is also a "box of stuff" that's fair game. Misc electronics
  • Popcorn Machine
    • If you're going to use the machine, please clean it. Do not use it if you're not going to take care of it!
  • Purgatory
    • If you see something in purgatory, do not put it back in the space. Take it home if you need it.
  • Gigabot Update
    • First ABS print on the Gigabot has been completed
    • The printer head is trashed, buying a new one soon
  • Power Tool Drag Racing 2015 - Season start is close!
    • Anyone who would like to participate in this fantastic event