May 28, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

New Business


  • Jim - CinD-Lou Robot
  • Koy Pelts - 3D printer & landscaping
  • Jason - Playsurface up and running
  • Bill Steele - 3D printer
  • Ryan - Webcams & google hangout work
  • Pete - (Guest) Kinect controlled nurf turret
  • Ryan Hessie (sp?) - (Guest) Idaho working for GE, reverse geocache work
    • Heard about us from sparkfun, did a google search
  • Ian - RFID door project, putting up POE to the door, and we have an ID printer, CMYK+Hologram + Magstripe + RFID Reader
  • Ellie - (Guest) Starting an Etsy shop
  • Brad Stroe - (Guest)
  • Paul - Secretary
  • Mike - Working on his robot
  • Tiffany - Converted open top into Keggle
  • Matt - (Guest) work w/ Tiffany @ UC, big into brewing, rebuilding industrial lab water still
  • Emily Siener - (Guest)
  • Chris - Exposing Cyanotype for a bar, finished a 3d scanning solution for a secretive company
  • Jordan - blinky frisby
  • Brandon (Shadoxx) - Motorcycle mechanic in training
  • Dave - Brought down a large cyclonic dust collection unit
    • Needs a bit of work to get it hung up, but it looks nice.
    • Rebuilding a home desktop, just brewed on Sunday
  • Dave Menninger - Book scanner, scanning a book, hold onto your pages
  • Amber - (Guest) Learning to sew this week


  • Jim
    • MakerFaire
      • Cincinnati museum center has given Jason Langdon a $2000 check
      • Haile Foundation gave us the $6000 check, we are picking it up w/ a publicity shot
      • Description of a makerfaire is ensueing. NYC, Detroit, and LA
      • We are sponsoring a mini-makerfaire Oct 19th
      • Everyone who has done a project, we want them. We want to display them. WORK ON A PROJECT PEONS.
      • Just sign up for tables, non-commercial makers do not need to pay, commercial vendors need to pay $75
    • 2nd Tuesday
      • Coming up in 2 weeks, probably going to be Dave B. w/ CANbus hacking.
      • Let Jim know
  • Brandon Mumbled