May 30, 2017

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



  • Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am until further notice.
  • Liability waivers must be legible

Old Business

  • Lack of meeting last week due to amazing weather! :)
  • CTO Update
    • Authentication System/Voting System
    • Server status
  • The Annex
    • Electrical Upgrades
      • Update
    • Leak
      • Any new leaks??
  • Woodworking warden
    • Progress on selection?
  • Makerfaire season
  • TIG Welder vote:
    • Kevin bought a welder that we were looking at getting
    • He wants to play around with it to see if it fits the Hive well
    • Would be around $650 shipped
  • Air pump for lasers - awakening a dead topic
    • Updates on the one we already have
      • The one for the little laser has some cons: no tank, super super loud (might still be a noise problem for the neighbor), etc.

New Business

  • Upcoming events:
    • Monthly board meeting - Tomorrow, May 31, 2017
      • Will hopefully have Jim Maltry in attendance (SCORE professional that we are working with)
  • Reminder: Annual meeting will be in July sometime
    • Executive and board of directors will be voted for the next year
      • See details in the bylaws for descriptions and email to be sent with details
      • Be thinking if you are interested, ask a current leadership member for more specifics about the responsibilities
    • Bylaw reviews are easy because of quorum
    • Usually have a celebration of our anniversary, think pot luck or open house
      • Do we want to plan an open house this year like we did in .... 2014??


  • None today
  • Welder upcoming again


Old Business

  • Ian continues to work on the LDAP server.
    • Ian has completed the initial server build. Authentication tests are working.
  • No progress on communications from garden street
  • The roof was ostensibly repaired. Keep your eye out for leaks. One may remain.
  • There are two candidates for woodworking warden
  • MakerFaire season;
    • Jim to respond to Detroit tonight
    • We might explore attending the Pittsburgh MakerFaire.
    • There is some interest in creating a Trebuchet for the Cincinnati MakerFaire. Will, Jim, and Mike may work together on this.
  • Tig welder vote?
    • Kevin is still testing the welder.
  • Air pump for the laser cutters.
    • The existing pump may be 220V. We will investigate this evening.

New Business

  • The Annual Meeting is coming soon. Consider whether you are interested in running for board or an officer position.
    • open positions?
    • bylaw changes?
    • Potluck/open house?
    • Annual meeting coming up?
  • The vacuum former machine has been ordered. Should ship Tuesday next week. Jim will bring it in.
    • We will need a vacuum pump
    • Bill has a use for the vacuum former

Frisbee Round

  • Frisbee round skipped for expediency. Food awaits.