May 31, 2016

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



  • Leave work surfaces clear!
    • Second Saturday Cleanup sometime soon
  • New Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am until further notice.
  • Liability waiver legibility.
  • Talk to the wardens.
  • Have you checked the wishlist?
    • Metal Bandsaw - Brad
    • Safety & FabLab - Mike
  • Shutdown Procedure - Go win the door prize.

Old business

  • PTDR
    • The crate did NOT show up today. Weird.
  • Flammables Cabinet
    • Jon is sending out an email with one. Will let everyone decide if we should get this one.
  • Chris Anderson will be giving a talk on hackers and depression June 14.
  • Shell Server
    • Ian B is going to set a firm date for getting everything off of it soon.
  • Lathe Update
    • We need to get two engine hoists down here that are rated for 2k lbs each. Jon is working on getting everything else.
  • CNC Update
  • Library Events
    • Dave B. event - June 11th, Clermont county branch for learn to solder
      • Dave is going to buy the ~$150 of supplies for it soon out of the badge supplies fund.
    • Lorin Event
      • Lorin has to step back a bit from this due to multiple things coming up. Mike is helping plan it and the number of events are going to be reduced.
  • Opinions on oscillating sander
    • Coy bought one for now if people want to use it until we get one.
  • Exhaust fan in place
    • There is an extension cord attached to it for now. Unplug the air compressor to use it for now if you need to.


Old Business

New Business

  • Elections coming up in July (no date set yet, but look for the announcement soon)
  • Mike H did a lead test with some dust down here and we are slightly above the EPA recommended limit for residential dwellings. Not a huge issue, but something people who have kids should be aware of.
    • We have been working on making the space easier to sweep up by raising things off of the ground. PLEASE do not leave piles of things laying around. This makes it way harder to sweep up.


  • Greg - Moving much closer on the 17th! His commute is going from an hour and fifteen to four minutes.
  • Tiffany - Accepted a position at UC, woo!
  • Dave B - Fixed the AC in his car this week.
  • Jon - Fixed some of the electrical code violations, cleaned up down here a bit.
  • Elly - Cleaned up some stuff, made some more shop stuff, organized tonight's potluck.
  • Franklin - Recovered from PTDR, brought down corn bread.
  • Nancy - Clean up your dishes! Been dealing with her knee some more.
  • Lisa - Checking out the space, wanting to become a member at some point.
  • Mike - Got his 3d printer working, printed a frog.
  • Brad - Metalworking stuff, worked on some CNC stuff.
  • Faith - Does metalworking, autobody repair, air gun and spray painting.
  • Coy - Designed some stuff on the CNC.
  • John - EE who just moved to cincy recently, worked in automation.
  • Hodapp - Went running, does not recommend.
  • Paul - Continued the war against english ivy.
  • Ian B - Currently recovering his taste buds, crashed the hive server, sudden influx of free time after getting his redhat cert.
  • Ryan - OnCall. All the things are burning. Makerfaire. Noisebridge. Fixed the air reel.
  • Karensa - interviewing, did some photography at the Krohn butterfly show, wants to learn how to use the CNC.