May 5, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Dustin's Internship
  • Superhero Tech @ Contemporary Art's Center - May 13th (next Wednesday)
  • Power Series Update

New Business

  • Vote for $400 for air compressor lines - Next Week
  • Brandery Wearable Tech Meeting
  • Safety Glasses Holder
  • Laser Fundrasier Going Live After This Meeting


  • Dave L - Yardwork and beer
  • Jim S - power series stuff
  • Elly - made safety glasses holder, making planter boxes
  • Jon - didn't kill laptop at meeting today, worked on new air compressor, fixed safety issue with dust collection
  • Ian - worked (#yolo)
  • Brad - "ain't done shit". smacked Nancy with Round-To-It
  • Nancy - ordered battery, has four of them now. rode motorcycle
  • Dustin - working on internship stuff
  • Julien - back from New York, finished hall effect sensor for shapeoko
  • Brandon - bought another crappy mazda
  • Ivan - laser etched stuff for menu at work, The Great of Dimmer Switch Crusade of 2015
  • Coy - taking care of kids
  • Brent - learning yeti
  • Will - figured out how to weld, learned some arduino
  • Hodapp - *passes frisbee earnestly*
  • Charles - has oscilliscope for shadoxx, learning how to use Node Red for IOT
  • Jim C - hung outdoors
  • Andrew - painting living room
  • Greg - bought a sax, living dat jazz lyfe. also golfing (but jazz is totally cooler)
  • Ryan - doing 3d printing, cnc, taught will


  • Superhero Tech @ Contemporary Art's Center
    • First event coming up next week, Wednesday May 13th
  • Brandery [1] - 6:30pm to 9:00pm
    • Wearable tech meetup, beer, nerd stuff
  • Safety Glasses Holder [2]
    • New holder for safety glasses by woodworking area. Please use it.
  • Laser Fundraising
    • Begins AFTER THIS MEETING (really, after Jon posts to the mailing list)
    • Works the same way as last laser cutter fundraisier
  • Power Series Update
    • Jim has done a considerable amount of framework on the final design