May 6, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Space Stuff/COO
  • Outreach
  • Hive13 propaganda
  • Ham radio guys talking next week

New Business


  • Mike
  • Ian (dark Ian)--got popcorn working, organizing lounge
  • Ryan--rebuilt hivespy, and fastor online.
  • Jon
  • Arliss--replaced valve cover gasket, learned laser cutter
  • Shadoxx--ranted on internets
  • Ian (president)
  • Hodapp--photo shooting and editing
  • Josh(visitor)--working on raspberry pi boxes for net TV
  • Tiffany (m) --took apart steam cleaner
  • Dave
  • Hutch (m)
  • Ryan (m)--slept and ate food
  • Dave (m)--brewed beer. worked with beehive
  • Franklin
  • Nancy
  • James--got 3D printer (pixie)! will be cleaning up fab lab a bunch!
  • Bill (m)--delivered a 3D printer to a customer, and other cool stuff
  • Russet--New member!!
  • Alex--visitor (again!)--thinking of joining
  • James--visitor
  • Felicity--visitor
  • Savanah--visitor
  • Joseph--member
  • John--member--portable demo unit
  • Jim
  • Marvin (via google chat)


  • Outreach
    • Ian met with mosaica charter school company
    • they have approval for a "maker school" in cincinnati
    • will go in location of a former school.
    • meeting was about: how to make this work
    • Mosaica may sponsor Hive13 events?
    • Likely will have presence at maker faire this summer
    • "It takes more than a laser cutter and 3D printer for a makerspace"
  • Propaganda
    • Shadoxx will be finalizing pamphlets and sending to printer
    • Vote on marketing material: up to $300 for hive13 flyers
      • This was proposed on mailing list last week, although some members reported it ended up in spam filter
    • Vote passed!
  • Jon--hamvention is next weekend, Dayton
    • Tickets are $20 beforehand, $25 at the door
    • anyone else interested in going
  • Marvin (virtual)
    • should we have ID badges to wear for security/safety purposes?
    • various discussion happened...
    • Most members seem comfortable with current security
    • If there is someone you don't know at Hive, introduce yourself
    • If some members want new security measures, discussion can continue after meeting
  • James--Revisiting "old business"--pamphlet front page?
    • Currently "So you want to join a makerspace?"
    • Suggests something else..."What's all the buzz about?"
    • some discussion followed
    • There was already a lengthy comment period on the pamphlets, probably too late for changes this round