May 9, 2017

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



  • Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am until further notice.
  • Liability waivers must be legible

Old Business

New Business

  • Upcoming events:
    • PTDR event - May 19th with building value
      • Few repairs to be made sometime before the event
  • Tuesday talk - tonight?
      • May 9th - possibly ventriloquist mechanisms and history
    • Monthly board meeting - Wednesday May 10th OR Wednesday May 17th
      • See mailing list reminder email to be sent
    • Mill/lathe class this coming Saturday, May 13th
      • Two hours on the mill 10-12
        • $10
        • You get an end mill and a hunk of aluminium
      • Two hours on the lathe 1-3
        • $5
        • You get a carbide insert
      • On EventBrite
    • Monthly "good weather" potluck - Tuesday May 30 (day after Memorial Day)


  • None


Old Business

  • Elly's memory is going
  • CTO Update
    • Authentication System
      • LDAP portion is workable
      • Hooking it into the web interface
    • Dumpstor
      • Hard drives are in
      • Started expanding array
      • Final touches tonight
    • Door is dead - intweb and honeycomb are fully functional
  • Annex
    • Electrical Upgrades
      • Still no word, asked three times
    • Leak
      • Poked them today
      • Waiting for a dry couple of days to fix the roof
  • Woodworking Warden - any interest?
  • PTDR
    • Building Values event is next weekend
      • Set up and run it Friday, May 19th
      • Tear down Saturday, May 20th
      • Still need maybe two more people?
    • Fired it up last Saturday
      • Everything works but the timers
      • Fixed ground issue in enclosure
  • Still no update on vacuum former
  • Maker Faire season
    • There is a list of all candidates
      • Yellow are committed events
      • Reuse-a-palooza is the first event - the PTDR event
    • Will be posting on the blog
    • Talk to Will B. about ideas - he's co-ordinating the process
  • Mason Library wants us to do an event
    • June or July in the middle of a Monday.
    • 50 people in two timeslots, in a half hour
      • Would need at least four stations
    • Elly will get more details

New Business

  • Upcoming Events
    • PTDR - see above
    • Tuesday Talk - Ventriloquist - later this month or next
      • Jim has been busy
    • Board Meeting
      • Date TBD
    • Mill & Lathe Class
      • This Saturday
      • Certification
      • 10-12 Mill
        • $10
        • Get a carbide mill
      • 1-3 Lathe
        • $5
        • Get an insert and a hunk of aluminum
    • Good Weather Potluck
      • Will be monthly when the weather is good
      • May 30th
      • Theme: TBD. Elly is bad at this.
  • Brad's son's school contacted him - Physics teachers want to tour the place

Frisbee Round

  • Greg - cleaning up apartment for move, planning Christmas display, killed door, finished whiteboard
  • Coy - in Detroit last week, visited I3 with Jim
  • Karensa - busy, new job, painting a vault and a mill project, something about a MacBook
  • Nancy - 180-mile ride, new mufflers on bike
  • Will - knocked a picture frame off the wall, went John McClane on his boss
  • Brent - collected stones
  • Mark - interested in mill
  • Russel - in Las Vegas last week, saw Boulder Dam, will be taking mill class
  • Brad - PTDR test-fire, fixed the electrical wiring
  • Alex - re-painted a basement to comply with FHA finance rules
  • Ian - accidentally deleted the RAID array on dumpstor, shat self, fixed it, life goes on, LDAP, weekend in Columbus with family
  • Dave - worked on his old car
  • Elly - made Kentucky Derby hat cupcakes with two kinds of ganache