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The original purpose of this working group was to hunt for a space for us to call home. Now we're transitioning this into the group that takes care of the space. The Meatspacers are led by the COO who rules over the space.

Things That Must Be Done

  • Airflow/Fans/AC/whatever - The space gets hot as hell during the day in the summer, even when there aren't humans present. We need fans, or AC units, or something, otherwise we'll all die from heat exhaustion.
  • Fridge - We can start with the dorm fridge, but we need to find a real fridge and also transportation to get it into the site. Any volunteers?
    • It seems to be fairly easy to come by fridges on the craigslist free stuff list.
  • Stove - Stoves are wonderful things to have during a party.
  • Paint - Erik and I both have excess wall paint that we can donate to the space. I will be at the site to clean/paint sometime in the very near future, and was thinking of using a circuit-board theme for the paint (that ugly green with lots of resistors/capacitors/etc). More to give it a good aesthetic quality than anything else.
  • Measure the diameter of the exhaust hole in the "dirty room" and figure out what kind of fan to put in there.

Other Pages/Links

Our Pages

  • Wishlist - stuff we would like to acquire
  • Donations - info on how to donate stuff to us
  • COO - is in charge of safety, security, tidyness of the space
  • Shopping List - things that we're going to going to need to buy on some kind of regular basis, like soap, paper towels, etc.
  • Hackerspace Photos - photos, videos of our space; documenting how awesome we are
  • Purgatory - rules for what happens to junk that gets left in the space
  • noise curfew - rules about how noisy you can be in the space
  • Space Lock - page to discuss mechanisms for member access to the space
  • Anchor Building - our building; what it's like, where it is, etc

Old Pages