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How to Submit a Membership Application

This process applies to all who wish to become a Hive13 member, including complementary plus one members.

  1. Sign up for an account on if you haven't yet done so.
  2. Log in, click on Apply for Membership (note that this link will not be available if you're a member or have a pending application).
  3. Fill out the form.
    • You can attach a photo of yourself to the application.
      • If you do not do so at this time, you will be offered the chance later.
      • You may also have any Officer or Director take your picture and attach it to your application.
      • This picture is not shared with anyone outside of Leadership.
      • Once you've submitted an application, you can see its status on intweb's main page.
    • Once your application is submitted, you need to visit Hive13 and meet with a member of Hive13 Leadership.
      • They will printout the form, you will sign it, and they will check your ID.
      • Two members of Leadership are required to sign off approval for your membership.
      • Once approved the application will be scanned and uploaded to the Hive13 cloud.
    • Upon your application approval and upload you may then sign onto intweb at the link above and make your first membership subscription payment through PayPal.
      • Your membership payment is strictly controlled by YOU. You may begin and end payments at your discretion.
    • Please plan on spending at least 45 minutes to receive your Hive13 building access RFID badge and take a guided orientation tour.

[ See intweb documentation for the detailed steps to process the new member application. ]