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Hive13 Manual
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Why We come to Hive13

Hive13 is a community of makers. For some of us, Hive13 is our hobby, something we do for fun. We work on our own projects. Some members use Hive13 tools for outside classwork or business.

We also come to Hive13 to participate in the maker community. As part of that community we work together on Hive13 projects that improve the space.

As a community, we try to; Be excellent to each other. Fix stuff that's broken. Clean up more than just our own mess. In short, make Hive13 a better place.

Hive13 members have complex active lives: Family, jobs, school and home projects all come ahead of Hive13. For those reasons, Hive13 rarely operates on a firm schedule.

Most Hive13 members tend to be self-educating or autodidacts. Meaning we believe we are each personally responsible for our own education. That said, no one learns much in a vacuum. Hive13 wiki pages are a possible starting point for study materials. We each are responsible for our own education.

Though we come to Hive13 to learn, Hive13 isn't a school. Formal classes take time and effort. Which makes teaching = work and teaching ≠ fun. Members occasionally volunteer to share what we know when we have the time and interest. More often we share because we like to sit around and talk. Again, this is why classes are not on a firm schedule.

What You Are Paying For

Access to the Space

Being a Full Member of Hive13 provides 24-hour access to an excellent working facility. Members receive a RFID Card for our doors.

Access to the extensive skill set and resources of the Hive13 members

Hive13 members have a wide range of interests, hobbies, and professions - from server administration to welding to complex organic biochemistry. As a Member you will be able to learn from us, as well as have the opportunity to teach in return. To see some of the skills members have, check out the Skills Exchange page.

Access to public tools, services, and classes

The space is maintained as a group workshop, and as such there will be access to shared tools provided by the space or by members. Members are also entitled to the use of storage space.

Voting Rights

Voting rights - Members have the right to vote on any issues brought to the membership, which include electing the Board, electing Officers, and most major decisions governing the organization.

Internet resources

Members get a Hive13 Account which grants you a email address and access to all other internet services.

Obey the Rules

All members are required to abide by the Bylaws and the Rules of the Space. The Bylaws are what governs the official decision making processes and such for the corporation. The Rules of the Space are more ad hoc and designed to keep the physical space running smoothly. These are for the most part common sense - don't destroy space property, play well with others and with others' tools.

Be Cool

We are a community of humans. This is a physical place filled with real people who are serious about working, learning, and having fun. We are easy to get along with - you should be too.


Every member is responsible for helping to maintain the space and for contributing to the group as a whole. Help out with projects when you're able to do so, assist with maintaining or cleaning the space, teach classes, or whatever you can do.

Keep Current on Membership Fees

The Membership Fees are there to keep the space open for the enjoyment of all. You are expected to keep current on the Fees.

Membership Termination

If a member is determined to be disruptive to the group, their membership may be terminated. All member privileges and access rights will be revoked, and any recurring monthly membership subscription will also be terminated.