Membership Proposal I

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Area Wardens, Membership Proposal I

NOTE: This proposal was modified and eventually became Membership Fees


This is a proposal on membership fees or dues necessary to sustain the Hive13 building and activities. The monetary numbers are based primarily on two factors, the space desired and the amount of members.

From what has been discussed and looked at it seems the building type that seems reasonable and most desired for the majority of our needs is around $1200/mo including utilities.

Our possible membership numbers as of Jun 08, 2009:

  • 30 People are following the mailing list
  • 18 People registered as Hive13 Users
  • 8-15 People attend the meetings

This proposal covers a two-tier membership. We will refer to each tier with a little (m) or a (M) for member. Little (m) being a the lower cost membership where the big (M) is for the higher tiered membership.

$35/mo (m)ember

This is an active (m)ember of the group and will give you voting rights, access to the building and access to all the software based benefits (projects, SVN, etc.) This access is mainly geared for people who want to support the group and contribute but either can not utilize the space (perhaps because they do not live close by) or simply can not afford to.


  • Voting rights
  • Member Projects
  • VPN access
  • Code Repository Access
  • Other services that are built by the group (PBX systems, etc.)

$100/mo (M)ember

This is the primary (M)emberhsip model. Hive13 relies on this tier to support the rent and utilities to keep the organization alive. This tier has full access to all resources and weighted voting rights.


  • All the benefits of the lower tier
  • 3:1 voting ratio (Eg: 1 (M)ember vote is equivalent to 3 (m)ember votes)
  • 24 hour access to the facilities

Operational Details

How will a multi-tiered system work and how will it be enforced?

Internet Resources

Access to internet based resources will be controlled primarily with a centralized account system. Once you have an account you will have access to everything software related. The only way to get an account is to be at least a standard (m)ember. It is possible that some software resources will be reserved only for (M)embers but this will be avoided whenever possible.

Building Access

Building access will be controlled by a keypad style entry system. Based on hours voted on, (m)embers will be able to enter the facilities during "normal" hours. These hours maybe during the work day and on weekends, etc. A full (M)ember can enter at any time. A (m)ember can stay as long as they want but once they leave if it is past the "normal" hours the door will not allow them access (Although somebody could let you in).


Membership can be revoked at any given time via a majority vote. Once your access is revoked membership will no longer be collected and you will lose all access (account and physical). You will not get a refund for membership spent but further membership will no longer be collected.