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No Longer Hive13 Equipment
List of All Documented Equipment

Owner/Loaner: User:REd86
Hive13 Asset Tag: None
Make/Model: not specified.
Arrival Date: 02/2010
Does it work?: no
Certification Needed?:
Contact: User:REd86
Floorplan: gone

Hive13 Project
Metal Lathe
1915 South Bend Lathe.jpg
Status: Inactive
Start Date: 02/05/2010
End Date: 07/01/2011


No longer at space.

Update As of July of 2011 this Lathe was adopted by one of our members and taken to a new home. The lathe itself needed a ton of work and was missing several key components. Nobody wanted to take point on the project so it languished.


I came across a big, heavy-duty antique metal lathe that I dropped off at the space. It has a long, 72" base and everything we need to turn metal except a motor. It should be a great tool for future projects once we get it working.

Project Members

  • Ed (Project Leader)
  • Add your name to the list if you want to participate

Current Status

James and I were able to get the lathe built, as seen here:

1915 South Bend Lathe.jpg

Here is the gear mechanism:

Side Gears.jpg


Next Steps

  • Find a motor to drive it.
  • Get some cutting tools.
  • Find a jaw

External Links

This looks like a smaller version of this lathe