Move Meeting - April 23rd, 2020

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Move Meetings
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  • Lease stuff
  • Owner build work
  • COVID Updates
  • Other work?


  • Jim D and Dave V will be talking with Earl W. regarding our delay in moving. We will continue on our month to month lease until the move can happen at some future point.
  • At 2701 the walls and floors are painted. Floor cleaning was a TASK. The first floor scrubber got clogged and had to be returned. The floors were scrubbed three times with KrudCutter, primed and painted with floor paint. It looks WOW. THe stairwell by the elevator has been painted, but is not yet cleaned. The owners are so happy with the results, the painters are continuing to do the same job on other floors.
  • Due to the thickness of the floor, the toilet will be wall mounted. If we want a shower it will need to be up on a raised step to allow for the drain and trap. Still doable.
  • The furnaces are in place and have gas lines attached.
  • David Wesselman has two carpenters/maintenance people on staff at 2701 now. He is working up an offer to have his guys do the wall building to our design on a time spent basis. Because they are his guys they can be flexible. If we become able to do some of the work ourselves we can do it without breaking a contract. Details are in negotiation.
  • Dave V. will be talking with the electrical contractor on Friday regarding cost of buildout for the branch circuits.
  • Regarding COVID - When the state allows Hive13 to open, What will our new normal be? We don't know yet, but it will most likely include Distance, Disinfection and Masks. We will need to work together as a community to keep ourselves and each other safe.
  • We agreed to continue to meet.