Move Meeting - April 30th, 2020

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Move Meetings
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  • Wall Building
  • Updates from landlord?
  • COVID Updates?
    • we will begin to re-open within the state's guidelines
    • keep teams to a minimum size
    • pick partners to always work with to minimize cross-contamination
    • coordinate to avoid more than X number of people in the space at a time
    • we will be setting up a log book to sign in/out of both spaces, this will be mandetory
    • If you find out you have been exposed to COVID, you MUST let us know so we can tell anyone else who may have been in the spaces
    • If you are at high risk of exposure, please stay away. you are not protecting yourself, you are protecting the families of the rest of us, many of us have older or high risk people in our homes, and no one wants a family member to die.
  • Other Work?


  • Kevin to update BOM and re-quote since it expired
  • make 8ft walls full height since we will have forced air ducting for HVAC
  • Kevin re-quote, Dave V. to approve, Jim D. fund account, Kevin M. buy and schedule delivery.
  • No objections to buying and having landlord's people frame as the design currently sits
  • Kevin will develop wall build drawing for the landlord's crew that clearly identifies construction for each wall and order of importance to get built
  • Dave S. will draft COVID-19 protection rules and leadership will review. these need to go out and be enforced for us to start having people work in the space.
  • electrical - Kevin has done most of BOM, Velzy will take it to finish so we can get material quotes and buy material