Move Meeting - February 20th, 2020

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Move Meetings
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Date: Feb 20th, 2020

Time: 7:30 PM


Move to 2701 Spring Grove Ave.

  • Status of lease negotiations (Thanks Dave V.!)
    • what do we need to clarify for us/them buildout?
  • Floorplan - Need this at least 3/4 baked ASAP to be able to build material BOMs so we can start building ASAP
  • How do we communicate where to place drains, pluming, heaters, etc between designers and landlord/contractors so we get what we actually want.
  • Schedule - make one with milestones and dates to start fleshing out with more details
  • Define task groups/teams to get membership working on focused tasks
  • Culture during transition
    • things will get shuffled, lost, damaged and purged during this process, keep cool about it, we can replace stuff if needed
    • We need to move relatively quickly, so it needs to be OK for the people actively working on things to make decisions without the consent of people who are not able to participate that day/week, just keep email and slack messages flowing of what progress and decisions are made each day
    • we are all on the same team, and if someone has the energy to drive something you only half care about, trust that they are doing what they feel is in the best interest of the hive.
  • Extra Board meetings during move? Every Thursday would let us make plans for the work to happen that weekend, but what can people do?
  • What do we need to know from the owners before construction?
    • What are acceptable locations and methods for anchoring to the cement structure (floor, ceiling, pillars, exterior walls)?
    • What are acceptable exterior penetrations? is a 10" duct exhaust out side wall?


Currently, bathroom sink and toilet will be put in by landlord, With plumbing stub for kitchen for us to build out. initial negotiation is landlord building the entire bathroom, we're responsible for kitchen wetwall. We bargain for us to do the wall building and install for the bathrooms and kitchen in return for something else they pay for. We can make second bathroom closer to ADA-compliant.

2-3 count 200 amp single phase 50 breaker panels to go into the space. main one in initial space will be 1 column to east of the elevator shaft

3 phase should not be a deal-breaker. we don't have any equipment currentlym, even if 3-phase panel is far from starting space as long as there is one on the floor we shoudl be able to use it.

start with 100 amp sub-panel in wood shop and maybe one or two other locations to make things easier.

landlord will provide access control to entire space, stairwell doors and elevator doors shelving will be left. we can use or remove it. scavange. whatever.

firm in the lease

  • rate per square foot schedule
  • renewal dates
  • rates at those dates

7000 square foot was chosen based on the budget we had been comfortable with for expanding into the basement at anchor building before that was non-viable.

lease currently says it has an option for two expansions can we get that revised to instead just list rate schedule and minimum sq. ft. of each expansion (two rows maybe)?

elevator nearest our start space is likely not capable of carrying a forklift?

loud stuff is right next to quiet stuff, but walls shoudl be sufficient, we can look at sound baffeling and insulation in the wood shop and metal shop walls.

walls in current lounge are insulated and the CNC still sounds loud, proopsed layout the CNC will be tucked on the opposite side of the shop win a nook, shoudl help a lot.

machine shop is quiet

meeting space available on 2nd floor with projectors, screens, floors, etc.

do we start with temporary walls? Maybe when we're clearing the space just to get a feel use the shelves in there as "walls" to feel it out, but need real walls.

we're going with Kevin's layout 0006 (0005 w/ mods from this discussion) for now

first month is build-out two weeks at a time making a section at a time moved and operational

no timeframe, yet, for landlord's electrical installation

no schedule from landlord yet

we don't need that much heating/cooling, was 52-55 the other week when it was frigid outside

"having a not-disgusting bathroom could be nice"

board members will be arbiters, task teams each to choose lead, conflicts during move go to task team lead, then to board if unresolved.

how is money going to get handled?

  • task teams
  • we're going to have to have leads in task groups.
  • there's a budget in the vote for the kitchen.
  • electrical budget and wall budget will be in each section (perhaps, kevin M. and Dave V. to work out a proposal for structuring this)
  • task teams will be given a budget and they'll have authority to spend when it is necessary
  • budgets will need to be fed up to leads and board/leadership make sure it's recorded and we don't go over
  • by ward and also by work type
  • we don't want to go off and "piece meal" purchases by group, we want to be standardized and place fewer, large orders for material

steel studs?

  • 24" centers
  • 16" centers would be more common for mounting things on the walls
  • maybe we should plan for stouter construction?
  • can't find 12' c-section studs. can find 12' box studs
  • could also use 8' studs with a half-stud wall ganged above

we're going to call this a move committee

  • meeting every thursday for those who can make it
  • task groups should have a representative at the meeting

stove/oven hood exhaust conveyor belt thingy - it's going to be removed we'll build over the roll-up door

Floor Plan Agreed upon: File:PotentialLayout0006 2020-02-21 MeetingConcensus.pdf