Move Meeting - February 27th, 2020

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Move Meetings
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  • Status of lease negotiations (Thanks Dave V.!)
  • Schedule
    • Trello Board Schedule and Task Lists
      • Keep cards as high-level milestones/targets, put supporting tasks that need done in checklists within the cards
    • Task teams need to add cards/checklists to flesh out plan
    • Must aim for dates listed, if we fall behind, we risk running out of transition time
  • Task Teams
    • Formation - any lacking support/members? Sign up here
    • Choose team leaders
    • Between now and getting keys, task teams need to try hard to build out lists of material they will need so that we can assign budgets and make the initial big material buy (we will want material for walls and electric in as early as possible to get construction moving)
    • The wall builders and cable pullers also need to know where each area would like outlets placed, both for machines and for general accessory/tool/laptop use
  • #2701xxx_xxx Slack channels
    • Try to use threads as much as possible so less active team members can get caught up easier. Kitchen Rangers are experimenting with adding a subject in bold to the initial post and a reminder "This post is the start of a new thread. Please reply on the thread rather in the main channel"
    • Try to avoid "bikeshedding"
    • Different people use Slack more/less than others and both are fine. Try to meet halfway. No need to get caught up on every post but if someone flags you ( @yourname ) for your input, please make sure to get around to responding. If you don't, please allow the team to make the decision without your input.
  • Google Meet
    • Use your account
    • We're experimenting with using Google Meet so teams can meet without having to come to Hive13
    • Kitchen Rangers are having a trial run at 9:30 PM tonight to get familiar before we actually need it
  • Culture during transition
    • things will get shuffled, lost, damaged and purged during this process, keep cool about it, we can replace stuff if needed
    • We need to move relatively quickly, so it needs to be OK for the people actively working on things to make decisions without the consent of people who are not able to participate that day/week, just keep email and slack messages flowing of what progress and decisions are made each day
    • we are all on the same team, and if someone has the energy to drive something you only half care about, trust that they are doing what they feel is in the best interest of the hive.
  • What do we need to know from the owners before construction?
    • What are acceptable locations and methods for anchoring to the cement structure (floor, ceiling, pillars, exterior walls)?
    • What are acceptable exterior penetrations? is a 10" duct exhaust out side wall?


We have keys. There are 3 different keys and a funky alarm procedure. Velzy will get the alarm set up. Keys won't get distributed until we have alarm process simplified. Velzy will have a wiki page for things we need to/from the building owners.

Dave Schwinn will be taking over as head kitchen ranger

Team leads should make descriptions in our slack groups about our lanes. ID leads in description

Still need a wall builder lead wall building BOM and electrical BOM should be delegated to teams

Velzy put spreadsheet on drive with specifications for wall building and electrical.

Electrician has idea about doing panels has idea about bringing 3 phase into center of space and branch out from there

Velzy will come back with more information next week and we will know better about lengths of electrical next week; but panel location and everything downstream of panels will not change.

2" x 4" steel studs in C channel are not 12' rectangular tubes are 12' Is it viable to build 8' tall walls or do we want to build out to 12'?

8' segments might be easy to build, but not necessarily universal.

Watch postings for 2701sg build out activities. Painting and cleaning is underway. More coming. we have to stay out of their way.

as we move shelving material out of the way put it in the middle rear section of the floor.

There are woodcrafters on the first floor who used the shelving material to make pretty doors and other. We should absolutely use the available material.

First thing to move would be scaffolds. There are t-slots in the ceiling, but we haven't measured them. will need to figure out what is necessary to secure into those. We can drill into floors and columns. Will not be able to run conduit below the floor. Will hang conduit or MX cable from the t-slots.

We're not going to die on unneccessary hills

Concern that when we tell garden street we're leaving they will push for us to leave in 60 days. we don't want to tell them until the last minute. The worst case is we lose $1400 rent deposit. We should plan on spending that $1400. Big stuff will need to move through esterman printers. laser and cnc going out that way are critical. We have to go talk to them; once we do the cat's out of the bag ​ we could open a door out onto spring grove

velzy will be running point on communication with 2701; people should know not to talk about anything with contractors/owners etc

how do we purchase things as deals come up?

   no debit card
   reimbursement is acceptable
   assign a budget to the teams
   we'll be looking into a PNC 'pay as you go' credit card
   that way we'll not be liable for the bank account if it's attacked
   there are deals on cards right now, so we could get kick-backs

​ Need to design where outlets go and the breaker amps needed. There will be double-gang boxes on some benches for hand tools. Group heads and team members nailed down for the early stuff .Establish team meetings

​ Before next week we should have a review of working documents, how we're going to use them and get agreement on them

​ This doesn't need to be a dog-and-pony show

​ Schwinn will rally kitchen rangers and have a draft of plans sooner rather than later

​ Velzy has played with ADA-compliant restroom which will include a shower base as a mop sink. budget-budget-budget? existing bathroom is not stupendous, but it works. ADA door needs to be wide, floor is level, and we can get railing into it. Hopefully we can get a drain in the floor for the shower.

​ Kevin wants to get measurements tuesday for the bath and kitchen. Chalk line this weekend? Kevin can meet sunday. Velzy needs to make the alarm working