Move Meeting - June 18th, 2020

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Move Meetings
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Candidate: Move Meeting - June 25th, 2020

Meeting Time: 6:30pm-7:00pm
Working Time: Before and After meeting as people are avaliable, Alarm arms at 10:00 pm
Meeting Location: New Hive13 (2701 Spring Grove Ave.)

Floor Plan: File:2701InitialMoveInLayout.pdf



  • Framing done
  • Drywall on hold till electrical finished
  • get remaining drywall brought up so it's not on first floor


  • Panel X 75% cable pulled, ready to start terminating circuits and putting in service
  • Panel Y ready for cable pulling, assuming brackets come in


  • Vertical Long Storage
    • Kevin designed, Todd volunteered to build
    • OK with 6 sheets plywood and pocket hole screws ($200-$250) on move budget for this?
  • Vertical Sheet Storage
    • ~12" wide spaces in empty long pallet rack
    • open at top/front to allow full size and oversize sheet goods to stand vertically
    • more sturdy that the old space's flimsy wire dividers if possible
    • Welded square tube dividers maybe?
    • Who will lead?
  • project parking
    • need two more 96" pallet racks assembled in location shown on floorplan
    • two shelves, 36" and 72"?
    • green floor marking tape as shown in floorplan marking project parking area around shelves
    • Who will lead?


  • quotes for Air Conditioning?

Access Control

  • Progress?

Moving Equipment

  • wood shop
  • Machine Shop
  • Lasers
  • Glass


  • This was the last dedicated move meeting, going forward, all move planning to be part of Tuesday Weekly meetings.
  • Thursdays to be work days till move is complete.