Move Meeting - June 4th, 2020

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Move Meetings
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Build Progress

  • Walls
  • Electrical
    • Ordered wire, utility boxes, outlets and hardware. If all goes right, will pick it up Friday 6/5/2020
    • Ordered 2 more breaker panels and breakers for pickup next week. These will match what is installed.
    • The electrician can run the power from the transformer to the new boxes week of 6/15
    • We should be able to run wire and rough in this weekend.
  • Access Control
  • Storage

What's Next?

  • What do we want to do?



  • They built full walls between the open bays instead of stub walls, but it’s nice anyway, still feels big and open, and cuts on reverberation/echo
  • We like it
  • All walls up, drywall up on one side of most, working on fitted bits now


  • Velzy has electrical stuff coming in, he can get the delivery himself
  • Let’s start with the wood shop, gets us pretty close to being able to move

Access Control

  • Landlord working on street level access control
  • Doors to our space: landlord wants us to build a door for the front stairwell, low priority
  • Going to have RFID for access to building, no eta yet, doors need replaced


  • Yay Jeff!
  • Drew is going to work this weekend on getting new database set up
  • Jeff to get slots labeled this weekend
  • We will buy whatever material we need this weekend on the move budget to get shelves usable
  • Stickers need taken off and put up good ones
  • Paper labels with packing tape over
  • Kevin to order a bundle of floor tape for marking

Plan for work this weekend:

  • One team working on finishing storage - leader Jeff B. (Saturday)
  • One team working to get woodshop electrical roughed out - leader Dave V. (Sunday)