Move Meeting - March 5th, 2020

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Move Meetings
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  • 208v vs. 240v
    • What do we get for accepting 208v?
    • what do we risk by accepting 208v?
    • is it worth carrying the risk?
  • Electrical BOM & Map

Wall Building

  • BOM needs work ASAP
  • wall heights
    • 12 ft. walls around woodshop, welding shop, and bathroom
    • 8 ft. wall between clean/kitchen and general/assembly area
    • partitions between lasers and machine shop TBD
      • maybe 4ft height wall with plexiglass or polycarbonate 2ft above to allow view, but block chips?
  • drywall
    • weld shop drywall to be fire rated
    • bathroom and kitchen moisture resistant
    • all else standard
  • Sound insulation?

Plan for the Weekend/Week

  • Empty space to extent possible
  • Disassemble pallet racks
  • Move all shelves in our space to the back half of the building
  • Lay out intended wall locations and check for obstructions
  • Quote & buy wall materials
  • Finalize electrical design and BOM

Building Owner Buildout

  • What's been done?
  • What's going to be done? When?



  • we need 240v
  • electrician has determined that they have to run 240v anyway
  • we need subpanels
    • Kevin proposes we have electrician run cable and install subpanels, big cable, hard work, needs to be done exactly right
      • general agreement, this is worth paying for, even if we have to put up another vote for the cost.
      • will ask building owner's electrician to quote the effort for us, include material and breakers
  • We will run branch circuits, Dave B. mentioned having a "friendly" electrician to help with termination if we pull cable and rough out.

Wall Building

  • walls critical path for moving wood shop on schedule
  • Tim Yelvington to put together wall BOM by wednesday (3/11/2020) so we can buy material thursday/friday and get started building next weekend
  • Dave S. and Brian Wingate to research sound insulation options and make recommendation next week

Plan for the Weekend/Week

  • move tools and things into space that will be useful
    • trello has card for this with list of things we will want over there, add anything you think may be useful, check off stuff if already there
    • kevin willing to provide air compressor once we have a way to power it.
  • Get as many people as are willing to clear space of shelves, both saturday and sunday, 10:00-whenever, Chris to unlock saturday, Kevin and Scott to unlock sunday
  • after space clear, clean floors and layout wall locations with chalk or tape
    • check for obstructions to walls, sprinkler heads are the big concern, can move lights

Owner Buildout

  • stairwells painted
  • waiting on plumber to install/provide standpipe for new plumbing
  • owner will be providing credit for our expenses building out bathroom
  • waiting on electrician to bid main panel still, need to ask them for quote on subpanels
  • no news on other items yet


Dave V. to write up and publish operating procedures and rules for new building, we MUST not annoy other tenants or the landlord