Move Meeting - May 14th, 2020

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Move Meetings
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Build Progress

  • Material Delivered
  • Bathroom Framed

What's Next?

  • Need to take our tools over:
    • Hammers
    • Vice grip pliers/clamps
    • drills with screw driving bits
    • Tin snips
    • Razor Blades/box cutters
    • straight edges
    • levels
    • plumb-bob
    • chalk line
    • sawhorses
    • ladders/scaffolding
    • Hammer drill and drill and driver for tapcons
  • Help frame?


Drew needs to get network map updated

Electrical is frustrating, Maybe time to find another guy?

Spool and main’s wire is in the building, but no progress or contact from electrician for a long time

Framers are framing fast (woodworkers are, not sure what’s up with the maintenance guys?)

We think the maintenance guys will be doing the rest

Plumber only roughed out for toilet? Not for wash sinks or kitchen?

Dave B and Dave V offered hammer drills for tapcons. Need to get drills for them and pick a single size.

Kevin got big prints of the wall layout, put one in the new space, two spares in member storage

Velzy is going to get quotes for electrical material, and for other electricians

Lots of talk about getting Orwell up and running in our current space